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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Review

I want to thank you all for the kindness you have shown me over the past several weeks. Your comments have been uplifting and oh so kind. I have met some wonderful people here in the blog world and I am thankful for you all.  One is never sure how the news of cancer will be received and although I know that I am not responsible for how the news is received, I still don’t want to offend anyone or scare anyone.  I am blessed to have such great readers who encourage me and lift me up to God in prayer. Thank you all. I have good days and bad days but so far the good days out last the bad days.  I am learning that some days I press on and some days I lay back.  

OK- Weekend Review.

Well, our weekend started out WET as we had the remnants of tropical storm Andrea which rained on us all day Friday into Saturday.  Then the sun came out and it was beautiful!!
Local shops have the plants that grow best in our area, the owners also have the  knowledge of how best to care for them.

After some housework we headed out to get some plants for the garden and flowerpots.  The local shops are the best and we have a beautiful one here in our little town.  We picked out some tomatoes and sweet peppers for the vegetable garden and some yellow and tangerine Portulaca's for the front of the house.

The Portulaca freshly planted in the boxes in the front yard.
After putting on a more-than-generous amount of bug spray to keep all of them away, we headed out to tackle the areas that we wanted.  My flowerboxes were easy to clean out and plant but I didn’t get enough so we went back on Sunday to get more flowers.

Hubby tackled the veggie garden.  We didn’t have a garden last year and it was badly neglected so he spent a lot time cleaning up and digging it up.  The plan was to get them in the ground on Sunday, but you know what happens to plans right?  Right, we didn't get the veggies in the ground.  We have tomatoes, sweet bell peppers to still put in the garrden and we have strawberries already in there.  Do we want lettuce, cukes, or what..... we scanned the garden books we had and decided on nothing yet. We will keep thinking about what else to add to the veggie garden. I did get the rest of the Portulaca's into the ground.

Also on Sunday after worship, we got to meet our newest grandniece, Evelyn Ivy.  She came up from Texas with her parents to visit the New England Family up here and we got to join in.  She is so cute and just such a happy baby!!  What fun to sit around, eat, enjoy good company and hold a sleeping baby.  Boy does she sleep well too! The best part of course is when the baby is fussy, back she goes to mommy! She, of course was not fussy at all.

Walking around the yard, most of our plants are not in bloom yet. The season got off to a late start with all the rain and cold temps and we have more rain coming tomorrow night into Tuesday.  But still, it's green and pretty around here. 
The Lilac's finally did bloom at least and the smell is wonderful!!
I love those weekends when stuff gets down, laughs are everywhere and the sun shines.  How was your weekend?


  1. My daughter is in North Carolina. She said they got LOTS of rain! Well at least you have the plants bought, right? lol... The lilac is beautiful!

    1. Update: The veggies are in the ground just as more rain came our way so we don't have to water them.... Thank you I love the looks and smell of Lilacs! Too bad they don't last long.

  2. I just love lilacs. Ours bloomed a couple of weeks ago and the smell is awesome. Yours looks very lovely and I'm glad you're getting to enjoy. There's just nothing like the smell of lilacs.

    I still need to plant my tomatoes. I have 2 but haven't put them out yet.

    Keep up the fight and I'll keep praying for you. Have a good day.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Some days I feel like a press on hard and some days I lay low and pray for tomorrow.
      Our veggies made it into the ground just in time for more rain. Well, we don't have to water!!!

  3. What a beautiful lilac. I love the scent of a lilac - intoxicating.

    My mom always planted portulacas ... just reading about them makes me think of her. ;-)

    Good luck with your veggie garden.

    1. This is my first year planting portulacas. I've done lots of different plants in that planter but it's a first for portulacas. I'll let you know if I like them once they spread out and flower.

  4. It's good to hear that it's finally time to plant in your neck of the woods! I'm also happy to hear that you are feeling well enough to take part in the planting :) Happy gardening!

    1. This is the latest we we've been able to plant in a long time. In the years past we were able to get plants in the ground in April! This year, we kept getting frost warnings for night time and I hate to put plants out in the day time only to pull them all in at night or have to run out and cover them all. It get's old fast. I was so glad to be able to enjoy it, I missed it last year.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    We're steamy and soggy here in North Carolina. Since last week we've had downpours thanks to the tail end of Hurricane Andrea, which luckily bypassed us here in the Piedmont. The rain has been interrupted by brief spells of sunshine, the key word here being 'brief'.

    The only thing gardening-wise I've done is heavily prune our crepe myrtle and rose bushes. They all look better and lusher for it. Roses are finishing their first burst of blooms which means I'll have to prune them back hard again.

    We also have a sad little birch tree in the front yard which has never done much of anything other than look pathetic. The nursery that sold it to us wouldn't replace it, even though they're the ones who planted it.

    My husband wanted to yank it out of the ground but two neighbors - both with green thumbs - told me to give my Charlie Brown birch tree another chance. They told me to cut it shorter, fertilize it, and give it a little time after I did that. And now it's actually starting to look better. It's on reprieve until November because we can't do any major planting before then.

    Hopefully, my little birch tree will look like a real tree by then. Right now it looks like a three-pronged stalk of celery with a fluff of leaves on top. Dopey looking, but a huge improvement :D

    Yesterday I met my newest grandniece, Clara. My sister and I went to a baby shower and it was lovely. My grandniece is a gorgeous little girl who snoozed through the entire celebration in her honor. And anytime I get to spend with my sister is always a good time.

    So glad you had the energy to garden this weekend. I know how you and Gerry love to putter around on your lovely property.

    1. "three-pronged stalk of celery with a fluff of leaves on top." Boy can I picture that and it cracks me up! What a funny picture in my head right now. Makes your house easy to find don't you think?
      So glad you got to meet Clara. I love that some of the older names are coming back. Your sister is a hoot so I'm sure that anytime you two are together is a fun time. It's raining again and I think it's the stuff you had at your house, so thanks for sharing. We got the veggies in the ground just in time.

  6. Your lilacs are gorgeous! Continuing to keep you in prayer...take care.

    1. Thank you for y our continued prayers. I am so greatful for all of them.

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Glad your going to have a garden....fresh veggies are the best! How awesome to meet a new grandniece. Enjoy the rest of your week.


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