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Monday, September 9, 2013

August's Birthday 8/30/11

This week we are testing and finding out results of test. So to keep my mind off of all we are going through here is a bit of this and a bit of that.

Our little boy Naturals All In The Music, August Rush is now 2 years old. WOW The time has sure flown by!

For those who don't know, August Rush is a breed called Powder Puff Chinese Crested.
Chinese Crested come in 2 varieties, powder puff and hairless. They are born in the same litter.

August's Mom is an Apricot Puff
Here she is with owner/breeder  Sharon.

His dad is a Black and White Hairless
Yes, the hairless still have some hair. on the head (called the crest), tail and all four feet. But the body is hairless.

August was the second one born in a litter of 6 (4 puffs, 2 hairless)
That's our August at about 24 hours old, only about 6 ounces big!
He looks nothing like the little thing thing we first saw.
The breeder gave them all names so she could keep track of them all, he was called Ditto for the start of his life.

He grew
Always curious even from the beginning.
And he grew.
That's him all the way to the left with his ears taped.  Can you see the 2 hariless?

This was him when we picked him up. He sure does look different!
And became
Our 2 year old little man, cuddle buddie, bed hog, who has learned so much from his big sister and is a joy to have.

Happy Birthday to our little man.
I think he got the best of each parent. The long coat of his mom, the coloring of his dad.


  1. Praying for good results, dear one.

    I remember when you added August to your family ... it seems like yesterday. Did you know he was going to be a powder puff? Happy, happy birthday, August!

    1. Kathy, At first I wanted a hairless but they are so hard to keep warm up here in winter. He was on my short list however when I first saw the lot of them. I'm so glad we got to have hime.

  2. I'm thrilled to share my birth date with August :) I remember when he joined your family, it doesn't seem that long ago!

    I hope you have a great week, filled with good news!

    1. Hay Happy Birthday to you then. What a great day all around! Thank you for the good throughs. As soon as we know (and process it all) I will fill share some of it at least.

  3. Oh my gosh these pictures are all so precious! Absolutely love the one with all the pups together and August's ears taped. Happy Birthday to a handsome little guy. :)

    1. That's one of my favorite photos as well. The breeder was wonderful about sending us all photos of our little ones.

  4. How handsome August is at two years old! Really, has it been almost that long since you and Gerry were here to pick him up? Wow!

    You're right, August got the best from each parent with his gorgeous coloring and lush coat. Don'tcha just love a little black and white dog? I know I do, and two of them - Remy and August Rush!

    I think your readers would enjoy learning how August's lovely lamb-like face comes about - unique to PPCCs which I only learned when you acquired August.

    LOVED these pictures! What a lovely way to commemorate your little man's growing up!


    1. I've never had a balck and white dog and NEVER one so small and I'm loving it all. Yes we both have small black and white dogs and we have both had dogs named August. What a fun fact. Yes, he may not shed, but he is still a lot of work to keep looking so good. Maybe another post about him is due after all.

  5. Happy Birthday August!!!
    ((HUGS))to you and praying for good news.

    1. Thank you for the hugs and good vibes about our news.

  6. He's so cute; I can't believe he's 2 already; seems like you guys just got him.


  7. How adorable! Such a tiny little thing in the begining! Prayers for some good results!


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