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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Thank you Joyce for the questions this week, as my title says, I'm too tired to hodgepodge.  Tired from building my stamina up, tired from working a full week, tired from exercising to get rid of some of the weight that I gained having Chemo.  So I'm thankful  that Joyce created the questions and thankful  Hubby copied them for me. Now to answer them and get them posted while it's still Wednesday.

1. What's something you're never too young or too old to enjoy?
A good meal with Hubby, playing with grand kids and running with the dogs.

2. Share one happy memory from your high school years.
I got engaged to the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

3. A nationwide strike of fast food employees took place in the U. S. last week...they're calling for higher wages and the right to unionize? Your thoughts?

No way! Sorry, at a time when most people are just glad for a job these kids want a union to fight for them?  Grow up, do the job, and if you hate it so much, go to college to learn something better and do that.  Union do nothing for you anymore. they use to, not anymore. They just make their own pockets fat with your money.  And the cost of fast food will skyrocket to pay these punks to flip the burgers.  Have you see those video's where the staff licks the cones, or spits into the shakes, I'm not paying them one dime. Lean to appreciate what you have.  OK I'll get off the soap box now.

4. September is National Honey Month...what's a favorite dish you make or eat that calls for honey?
I like Honey natural as in tea, or on toast. I'm simple that way.

5.  If you notice someone with a tag sticking out, a button unbuttoned, a shirt on inside-out, or some leftover lunch stuck between their teeth do you say something or do you keep quiet? 
If I know them, I tell them. If I don't know them, I may point to the problem and make a face so that they will look.

6. What movie always makes you cry?  Or at least makes you feel like crying?
Such a beautiful movie. What example of love under any circumstances.

7.   'Mary Had a Little Lamb' was written in May of 1830, and published in Juvenile Miscellany in September of that same year.  Now for the fun part...create your own four line rhyme using that same tune.

August is a little dog
Little dog
Little dog

August is a little dog, 
but his bark is large!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I guess I gave my random thought at the beginning so reread that.  I'm tired. 


  1. I'm tired this week, too, and I don't have an excuse! I hope you'll feel better soon.

    I loved your thoughts about the fast food workers! You tell 'um Lynn Marie!

    Nicholas Sparks can always make me cry. I love his books/movies, and The Notebook is one of his best!

    HooRay for young marriages that stand the test of time :)

  2. Nicholas Sparks movies/books always make me cry but then I cry after watching a lot of movies. Hoping you feel better soon!

  3. My daughter was just astonished when she found out I have never seen the Notebook. Hope you get rested up! And your hubby is a great guy for helping you out with this weeks Hodge Podge!

  4. Like your poem. Hope your stamina comes back soon.
    Always in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoyed your answers.

  5. Fighting cancer is hard work ... continuing to pray for you!

  6. I love the Notebook. I had a former boyfriend that said he thought of me when he saw the movie. Sweet, but I didn't think of him. At the end all I could think of was my wonderful hubby.

  7. That movie is right up there on ones that made me cry so hard, I don't know if I'll see it again! Will pray that your body, soul, and mind get some much needed rest and restoration... hang in there!!

  8. Continuing to pray for you! Recovering from chemo and cancer can really take a toll on a person...I've seen it with many of my family members. Stay strong!

  9. I'm sorry you're dragging. Give yourself time to recover from the battle you've been in. Rest and recuperate as you need. (((Lynn)))


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