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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Review: Yes the sun did come out!!

After almost a week of rain and temps in the low 60's and raw, it was nice to see the sun for the Church's big Give-A-Way Day on Saturday.
You can bet there was a lot of praying going for the sun to shine on us and it did! In fact the temps went up to high 70's. It was a great day.

Every Year for many years now, the members of the church gather stuff. We clean out our attics, garages, cellars and even ask other to donate to our Give-A-Way Day. It takes us a month to gather it all up and fill a huge trailer. Look at the huge TV that someone just wanted to give away!!

Then we set it all out, invite the neighboornood and give it all away!!  Many men show up with their trucks and offer to pile the big stuff into the trucks and deliver it to the homes of people who want it.

 People came and we handed out bright orange reusable shopping bags with information about our church and helped them find things. Some were looking for winter clothes for their family. Others were looking for toys - the bikes were taken first!

I was in the toy section and helped many finds toys for the little ones in their care.  Once the croud thinned out a bit, I went and got the "kids"  They visited, did their "Therapy" bit of letting others pet them and even August surprised us with how calm he became!  I do believe that he will one day make a really cool, albeit small, Therapy Dog.

Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning were also part of a Gospel Meeting. "Your Place in His Story" was the theme. The speaker was Shawn Daggett, the son of the man who started Give-A-Way Day many years ago.  It was right to have Shawn here and it was a great weekend. The colder temps are back and there is rain in the forcast again this week, but WOW what a great weekend we had.  


  1. I love the concept of "Give Away Day", that's so neat! So glad the sun shined and the weather was good for the event.

  2. We had rainy, cold weather which has now turned to sunny, cold weather. I'm not ready for such cold weather yet ... who am I kidding, I'm not ready for cold weather ever! ha!

    I just love the idea of Give-A-Way Day! What a blessing ... people are able to clean out stuff they no longer need and families are able to get stuff they need but may not be able to afford to buy.

  3. I love the idea of a give away day. What a wonderful way to bless your community!

  4. How wonderful the weather cooperated and you had a succeessful Give-Away Day! What a terrific resource that is to the community as well as keeping so much out of the landfill. That's what I call recycling at its very best.

    Becke is a veteran therapy dog so it's no surprise that she went into working mode with the crowd. And now to have August show such promise is very exciting indeed. Lucky for him he's got his big sister to emulate.

    Here in North Carolina it's a typical fall day for New England - 50s, chilly breeze, and overcast. I've been wearing my fuggs (that's what I call my cheap, fake Ugg boots) since yesterday walking Remy. I'm bundled up like an old lady - a complete disgrace to my hardy Yankee heritage.

  5. The give-a-way day sounds wonderful and what a blessing for those who need things. So glad that you had a nice day after all the rain you have had.


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