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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Review:

The Sorting Hat from our Harry Potter Party!

Holy Summer Heat Batman!! It got up to 74 degrees on Saturday up here!  People were back in shorts and flip flops. It was heavenly! I did something very important. I taught Dog 1st Aid/CPR to the grooming students where I work. It is something that I feel is very important, if you have a pet, things can go wrong and knowing what to do can save a life.  The students were very good and asked really good questions. It was a fun day. 

 After that, I began to rake our back yard and as you can see it really needs it!  The beautiful colors are all over the ground!  Both Becke and August had a good time hanging out with me and especially running in the leaves. August picks them up on his hair and brings them into the  house where of course they fall off and lay on the floor and the rugs.
Oh! And he is still bringing in those pesky TICKS that we are still pulling off of him.
And killing them.
What a silly boy he is.
Sunday, was not as nice out but I still managed to get some more raking in, after worship at church of course.  Then some light house keeping and watching Halloween movies while I knitted and of course the Sunday afternoon nap!!

I don't know how many good weather days we will get before the cold and "snow" shows up, but I plan on enjoying every day no matter the weather. 

How was your weekend?  


  1. Oh those nasty ticks! It was horrible when Megan had a tick. Yuck! Your weekend sounds a lot like mine. We only hit 70* yesterday, but it was nice!

    Have a great week!

  2. We had a high of 78 on Sunday ... it was wonderful! And we're supposed to get warm weather for the next few days as well.

  3. Our week is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s. I am going to enjoy every moment of it.
    Ticks are horrible! Hate them!

  4. Glad it was a nice weekend, I know how much you enjoy the heat. We had overcast skies all weekend. I cleaned house and did laundry.

  5. Oh I do like those Sunday afternoon naps!! Glad the weather warmed up a bit to give everyone a chance to enjoy some outside weather before the cold descends!


  6. The ticks are crazy this year! We pulled four off of our dog after a short walk this weekend...none had stuck, but still...ewwwwwww! My dog has a black coat so you really have to inspect her every time she's out.


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