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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Bit More Crafting - for Free

I enjoy knitting and crocheting. But all those needles can be really hard to keep track of. So one day I gathered all the material that I had and looked for something colorful.  It was winter and I really needed some color besides white.

The insides has 2 layers for storage. The shorter front pockets hold the crochet needles, tape measure, scissors, and a box of row markers. The top layer pockets hold the larger needles and ruler. The top folds up to make getting to those needles easier and velcros down to hold them in place when I'm not using them.

When I'm done I simply start on one end and beging to roll it up.

I takes 3 rolls to completely roll it up

And then I have knitted a band that buttons close and all the needles are inside and neatly stored. 

Again all the materials were on hand so it was free!  I've seen these cases in stores for $30.00.  I'm so glad that I learned to sew a long time ago.

What have you made lately?


  1. How cool is that! And free to boot.

    Quilting is my outlet for creativity.

  2. I love it! You did a great job and how nice to be so organized. Have a nice weekend.

  3. You're so clever and creative with this stuff, Lynn Marie. I hope the New England winter storm isn't too harsh there where you are this weekend, and you all stay safe and warm.


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