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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Review: SNOW AGAIN

For the 3rd weekend in a row, we got snow!   I'm so glad that next weekend it will be March!!  I hope we don't get snow in March. Spring starts in March. I'm SO ready for Spring!

We didn't get a lot this time - about 6 inches but on top of what is still in our yard, it's 6 inches that I didn't want. It's 6 inches of HEAVY WET SNOW that hurts your back to shovel and makes roads wet and slipery. And we are just about out of room to put it!  Some snow piles are taller than Hubby who is 6'3" and even he is complaining about heaving the snow over some piles!

 I sent out the following Facebook post:
"More Snow, yup, it's here folks! I'm putting on the kettle and looking forwarded to seeing all of you who love snow so much showing up here to take it away. Yup, the snow is here, where are you?"

No one showed up to take it away!
  Go figure!  
Guess they all had enough at their homes and really didn't need/want ours. Too bad, because I see all the time on facebook how much they are looking forwarded to hiking in the snow, or playing in the snow. They can come here anytime to get it, but no takers!

So after a busy week of different places to go and different people to see (all good meeting friends and eating out), we had a quiet weekend of laundry, digging out, card making, digging out, floor washing, and of course digging out! Good thing Saturday was clear so we could get all the shopping done!  Now we hope the power stays on, this stuff is HEAVY people, and heavy snow brings down power lines (yes our power lines are above the ground!).

Where for art thou March! Better yet, Where for art thou SPRING!


  1. I would have been happy to have come got some of your snow ... not sure how I would have transported it all the way back here to Illinois, though. ;-) We're exact opposites: you're disappointed at the additional snow and I'm disappointed that our additional snow has been removed from our 5-day forecast.

  2. I know you're sick of all that white stuff and the cold weather, but it sure is pretty to look at! I think we're all ready for spring to get here FAST!

  3. As bad as our rain is, I'd rather deal with it than your snow! I hope your power stays on!


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