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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow, Sleet, Rain, What did we get?

It's hard to see but it's raining out there - hard!

I got a few messages asking what we ended up with, snow, sleet, rain what????
The answer is YES we got it all with high winds tossed in just in case we missed it.

I woke up at 3am to see nothing outside so I went back to bed. By 5 am we already had 3 inches of the heavy white stuff. I bundled up and went outside to shovel off the deck and stairs for the dogs.

By the time I got done with that, the snow had turned to sleet and it was coming down and the steps began to freeze.  Hubby went outside to help Becke get up them since her legs were going out under her.

August ran back in, jumped on the bed and burried himself under the covers. His opinion of the mess was very clear. Once he got out he decided to watch it from on top of the toy chest.

By 6:20am it was snowing again, big large flakes, heavy wet flakes. The local TV station asked people to stay off the roads as they were slippery and cars had run off the road.  That did it for me!

I called work to find out that they were having all rain and that it was fine if I stayed home and worked from there. I can work from home so I logged on and did all that I could do from there. There were phone calls to make and emails to answer.

Then it turned to sleet!  Oh good, just want we needed, crunchy snow as the sleet froze the top layer of snow that was on the ground.

Becke gave up drinking so she wouldn't have to go out anytime soon. She climbed on her bed and decided it was a nap day (untill Spring)

August emptied his toy box trying to entice me to play with him since he was missing his agility class and playing with his 4 legged friends at day care.

Then the wind blew - and blew - and blew some more and I expected anytime to look out our window to see the wolf blowing our house down.  But it stayed upright, and the power stayed on.  Thank you Lord.

Sleet and rain followed by....

Then it got very quiet and I was sure it was over. I even thought about going in to work on a project that had come over the work email.
That thought didn't last long as it started all over again.
Snow, more snow and wind again.
Becke's face says it all don't you think?

Today is the official last day of February - I'm so glad about that. March will be so much better, brighter, warmer, and I'm pulling out my Spring/Summer decorations.


  1. Hope you get your spring weather soon. ;-)

    1. The weather mansaid something about another storm coming middle of next week but put my fingers in my ears and sang "Bla..Bla..Bla.."

  2. I don't miss that sort of weather, for sure, but hope you thaw out quick :)

    1. Thank you Mark. I'm getting rid of the winter decor and putting up the summer ones this weekend. It will help my spirit for sure!! It has to look like spring/summer someplace right?

  3. Wow what a day with all that different weather!! Good that you have the option to stay at home and still work on days like this!


    1. I am so blessed to be able to work from home some days and still be on the payroll. I know that a lot of people don't have that option so I really do try not to abuse it. My job has some nice perks!

  4. That is really some crazy weather you are having. Glad you got to stay home. I think a nap day sounded like a good idea.

  5. Oh my, what miserable weather you had! Yes, Becke's face expresses how everyone must have been feeling :)

  6. We came home from vacation to the biggest snowfall of the season! What a shock to the system! Those puppies had the right idea, stay inside! Hurry up spring!!


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