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Friday, February 15, 2013

One Word - JOY

Funny how when you only concentrate on one word, you find lots of examples of that one word.  It also makes you focus outside of yourself and see others. Each of these things is a good thing.

This has truly been a month of JOY.   My first and best earthly JOY is my husband.
After staying up most of the night when Nemo hit to be ready to get the generator started if we lost power, he shoveled the deck just for the dogs. He shoveled a path down the steps and around them to allow the dogs to get out, down and under the deck to go answer the call of nature.  He shoveled more again every few hours to keep up with the falling snow followed by the blowing snow.
It's funny but a lot of people would ask me if I was sick of him being home now that he is retired.  I find it funny because I have waited for him to be home for 30 years.  
As a retired police officer's wife I spent many a "Nemo" digging out alone because he was on duty-caring for others-who otherwise cuss at him-and call him all sorts of names-and then, when they are in trouble-call him. AND HE ALWAYS SHOWED UP.
I married my best friend, we were then, we are now. He still brings me JOY.

I have other JOYS in my life. Two of them have 4 legs. Their names are August Rush and Integrity Starbeck.
August has short legs but boy do they move fast. He loves to sit ontop of the toy chest looking out the window and often barks at whatever moves.
Becke has longer legs and they don't move as fast anymore, but she is my nurse when I'm sick, my body guard when she is in my office. She makes me laugh when she runs like a puppy and cry when I remember she is 13 years old.  

I have JOY in 2 children who are now married and have each given us 2 grandchildren.
Our son and his wife have given us 2 grandsons.  We don't get to see them much but there is SKYPE and that brings us JOY.We get lots of Smilebox's and photos from them.

Our daughter, and her husband have given us 2 granddaughters.  We see them a lot more often and I love when they hug my legs and tell me I'm the best Grannie EVER!!

I have JOY in creating cards for people who I love. I love matching the papers and embellishments that I add to them.
I have JOY with my friends who laugh with me, cry with me and pray with me AND for me. I love them all and some are close by and I get to hug them often and others are far away and I get to send them cards.

I work at a dog/cat activity center where the staff, ALL the staff, are there for the dogs and cats in our care. I often hear them talking in the halls about the pets in their care and how they can make the day better for them. When emergencies do happen, they all jump into action and do what they have been trained to do, protect and save the pet.  What a crew!!!

Yes, when I concentrate on Just One Word, I find it everywhere.  How about you?


  1. What wonderful examples of Joy in your life!

  2. I didn't know whereyou worked, Lynn, what a great job!! Indeed lots of joy in your life!! I'm still working on patience, LOL :)


  3. You are so blessed with so many things that bring you joy.

    Re: your husband being home with you now all day long. I don't understand those who complain about having their husbands underfoot after they've retired. I can't tell you how happy I am to have my hubby here with me all day. When he first retired, he talked about finding a part-time job just to earn a little more spending money, but I told him that I'd rather tighten the budget a little and have him home with me. ;-)

  4. I loved this entry! A lot of the things that bring joy to your life also bring joy to mine! Glad you can find so much joy in your life!!


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