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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Bullet Review

I was sick all weekend with a cold so there wasn't much going on except a lot of sleeping, a lot of taking cold meds and a lot of laying on the couch watching TV or sleeping.
So here is what happened around me while I worked on getting better.

*Friday it  snow. 
*It started as rain, and slowly turned to snow.  
*It moved so slowly that we all though at first that it would die out over us as the center of the storm was so far out to sea.  
*Weatherman started saying only a few inches at first.
*They changed their mind and every weather report added a few more inches.  

*Friday morning we had only about 3 inches so we headed out to the eye doctor's appointment.  
*I was there for a bit as he put all sorts of drops in my eyes and flash all different lights in my head.  
*By time he was done with me, I was blind!! 
*Good thing I didn't drive in.  
*My voice was gone and I was feeling poorly so we took August into day care and dropped him off. *We came home with Becke and I went to sleep on the couch.  
*Hubby took care of us both.

*After I was able to see, I worked from home.  That was a blessing for sure.  
*We ended up with about 7 inches. It took all day to get here and caused a lot of cars off the road, accidents and missed appointments, but we were safe.  
*Hubby went to pick up August at the end of the day. 
*He (August, not Hubby) had received his weekly groom as well so he looked and smelled great!  
*The groomer keeps trying new products on him to not only have him look good but also to make combing him out everyday easier. 
*He mats easily.  
*This weeks trial was the hair product Wen. Have you heard of it? 
*I see it on those infomercials all the time but it's advertised for people. 
*So far he is very easy to comb out and smells great!

*Saturday, I left the house for 1 hour - just 1 hour and I was exhausted and came home, put on clean pj's and collapsed on the couch.
*The weather outside was beautiful! It got up to 52 degrees and everything we got on Friday, melted!!

*Sunday, I didn't even try to get dressed. I stayed home, took my cough medicine, went from the couch to the bed and back and typed in a quick blog for Monday. 
*Again the weather was wonderful and made it up to 58 degrees! 
*Joggers were running everywhere and more melting took place at our home. I love to see it melting.  I hope that continues for the rest of the week.  
*Hubby went around and turned all the clocks forward an hour (did you remember?)

*See, life went on around me. 
*Sunday worship took place, a wedding shower was enjoyed, college kids came home from school for a bit enjoyed each other and a break from studies and meals were cooked and enjoyed - all without me. 
* I will be trying to go to work tomorrow if only for a few hours.  I hope your weekend was warm, happy, filled with love ones and that you saw the sun.
* It's the last full week of winter, Spring starts next week!!! 


  1. Boo for you being sick... yeah for Spring in one week!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you spent the weekend not feeling well. Feel better soon!

    As for spring, I'm so ready!!!

  3. I hope you're feeling better! I am just now on the very tail end of whatever I started with on January 14th. I know the date because I was at my daughter's house. I am about 98% now : ) Trying not to overdo because I want to be done with it. Take it easy, rest and rest your voice. I completely lost mine for a week and am still a little raspy. Thinking I may have damaged my vocal chords by talking with laryngitis. I go back to the dr next week, and am so ready to be done with this. Take care!

  4. Sorry about being under the weather on a weekend that sounded like a bit of fun too! Hope you feel better soon and that the weather continues to warm up with no more snow for the rest of winter!


  5. I hope you are feeling better today.

  6. So sorry your not feeling well. ((HUGS))

  7. Hope you are feeling better! Glad your snow didn't stick around very long!

  8. Sure hope you feel better soon! Glad the snow is melting and that spring is not very far away!


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