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Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to a New Month and New Attitude!

I am in love with March!  I know that Spring starts in just over 2 weeks - well officially at least.  And although it may not feel like it, Spring is nonetheless getting closer and I can smell it in the air.
I plan on taking all weekend and putting away all the winter decor.

Putting away this:

And this:

And even this:

And putting up all the spring and summer decor.  I hope to air out the house, and put away my long johns. They have served me well but I long for flip flops and shorts.

Have a great weekend all, Lord willing, I'll see you Monday. HAPPY MARCH


  1. Hoping that spring comes sooner rather than later for you. Meanwhile we're getting snow here in Illinois, and I'm happy. I'll do my best to keep it for myself so you won't get any of it. ;-)

  2. Happy March and hope it starts warming up for you, soon :)

  3. great attitude!!! Spring is literally just around the corner!


  4. It's almost here! We have had a few ladybug sighting in the yard so I know it's coming.
    However we are going to be 84 degrees tomorrow and be back to a high of 68 degrees on Monday.
    Still some crazy weather.

  5. Happy March to you, too. It's been a cold day here, and tomorrow's supposed to be colder. I have on a flannel shirt!


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