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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Review: And the 400 Mile Challenge.

Hubby got me a Zero Gravity Chair for my birthday to put on the back deck this summer but since it was 27 degrees out, it stayed in the living room and I sat there writing this blog entry.  It is very nice and comfy and I really love it.
Saturday we went to the birthday party for our grand daughter.  She had her cousins to play with and it was so much fun to see her enjoy the balloons and hats scattered over the kitchen. She quit unwrapping at one point to go play leaving our daughter to open the gifts with the help of one of the cousins.  It was cute to watch!  Watching, the kids play while the women talked and younger men stayed outside in 30 degrees grilling and the older men talked about the days current events made for a fun day.
Sunday after a great morning worship service we went out to eat lunch and then relaxed for a bit before going off to our small group where a small cake was waiting for me. In all I didn't cook Friday - Saturday and Sunday.  I did eat some carbs but with all I've been doing towards the 400/800 mile challenge, I'm not worried about it.

Speaking of the challenge - how is everyone doing?  I had a good week and again the bike is my best friend (or until it warms up and I can walk in the sunshine). I can do over 4 miles in 15 minutes now.  I'm breathing pretty hard so I'm thinking of slowing down and shooting for a 30 minute ride. My weekly total 46.14 was and my yearly total to date is 512.01  Click on the button and see how the others are doing.  Tell me here too, how is your personal challenge doing? Do Tell!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. How old is your granddaughter (who had the birthday party)? Too funny that she wanted to go play instead of opening her presents! ;-)

    What is a zero gravity chair?

  2. Where did you get your chair...I think that would be a good buy for my husband?

  3. Nana our granddaughter turned 2 on the 23rd but her party was on Saturday. It was a blast!


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