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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Award: 7 Facts

Thank you Ellie from Books. Fitness & Other Stuff  for my new award and since I LOVE Sunflowers, this just made me smile.  To accept the award I need to tell you 7 Facts about me and then give the award to 7 others:

Here are the 7 Facts about me:
1. I was born in New England but I still have a hard time getting use to winter. I don't like cold!
2. I love cleaning house.
3. I grew up afraid of dogs and now love them.
4. Of all 4 Seasons, Summer is my favorite. I love the heat!
5. I was fortunate to marry my best friend.
6. I love being a Grannie of 4 and if either of our children want to, they can give me a 5th (Hint, hint).
7. I am afraid of flying.

And here are the people who I am sending the award off to.  Stop by and visit them if you haven't been in the past.

1. Life SPW
2. Diamonds in the Rough
3. My Heart is Always Home
4. Country Girl at Home
5. Mimis Mini Tales
6. Life in a Small Town
7. Empty Nest But Full Heart

Please continue to pray for everyone in Japan, I can not image what life is like for these people. God be with them all.
Enjoy your day and the last week of Winter - Spring Starts Sunday!!! Can you tell I'm a bit excited!!!


  1. Always fun to read these little snippets to know you better. #6-Ha!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I was just making my rounds today, admiring your award, and learning more about you, when I saw my blog in the list! Why thank you very much, I'll write about it (and you) tomorrow :)

  3. Congrats Lynn Marie, on your latest award!

    I love being able to catch up with you through your lovely blog.

  4. Thank you for the award!
    Heat? You really like the heat? When we lived in SC it would get so hot during the day that we would have to stay inside. Not fun...not fun at all!


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