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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keeping me Honest

Yesterday on the Hodgepodge I told you all that there were 650 students in our graduating class. I was wrong. I didn't know I was wrong, but I was-has that ever happened to you?

Hubby and I have a friend who now lives in Anchorage, Alaska and I have mentioned Debbie in the past. She is such a sweet soul and send me a private Facebook message to let me know that we didn't have 650, we only had 501. She remembered that number because she was part of the National Honor Society and only 10% of the schools population can make the National Honor Society.
She didn't want to hurt my feelings by posting on the blog but sent me a very sweet personal message.  She also didn't want to come across bragging, which she didn't. What a sweetheart she is! She always was a tender soul - looking out for, and after others.

So I publicly want to thank Debbie for keeping me honest.  I never knew we were that small.  I wonder where I came up with that number now?????

BTW Debbie is enjoying a little over 19 hours of daylight each day. Not sure I could handle that.  I mean going to bed and waking up in daylight!!

Have a great day all.


  1. I still think 501 is a large #. It is double of my class.

  2. Not sure how I could handle 19 hours of sleep either. The sun is up now when I get up, but somehow it would just seem wrong to go to bed when the sun is shining brightly. ;-)

  3. Sweet friend! 19 hours of daylight...I'm not sure I'd like that either! But it's definitely gotta be better than 19 hours of darkness.

  4. I don't think I could handle that much light. My whole family was in bed at 9 last night and we were talking about how weird it was to go to bed when it is still light.

  5. Would you believe we had 50 in my graduating class? I wouldn't have changed one thing about it, either. We were all the best of friends!


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