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Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend review: Rained Out!

After working all week I really looked forward to the weekend where I can sit outside in the sunshine and feel it's heat on my skin. I also looked forward to grilling, playing in the yard or at least take the dogs for a walk! Instead this past weekend was pretty much a wash out! 
As in it rained.
A lot.
A whole lot.

Saturday it poured! And boy do I mean poured! We had flood watches in most parts of the state! We watched the rain come down and didn't do much besides watch movies and took naps. It was nice to be able to watch movies and take naps but at one point, it did feel like a waisted day. I told myself, that God was giving me time to rest up because at some point, I will need the strength! I have the feeling that tough times are coming our way and I need to be rested for it. So I rested up by not even getting dressed. I had a pj day! Ever have a pj day?
Sunday it didn't rain as much but it was still gray and very cool.  After a great worship service we enjoyed a lunch of Italian chicken and squash. Even the dogs enjoyed chicken and squash. They like Sunday lunch! Then I made a birthday card for a friend of ours who is celebrating his birthday this week. His party was celebrated at our small group because we like to party when we get together to study God's word.

Not having any grand girls this weekend seemed strange and I missed them very much. I'm glad that they got to be home with their parents this weekend! 

Looking back on the weekend it was pretty boring but I want to be real here. Some weekends are just boring!
The work week has now begun and it looks like we will be getting rain all week. What fun! Maybe we'll build an ark.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh my, I'm sorry you had so much rain ... I wish you could have sent some our way ... we are so, so far behind on rain for the year. Sometimes life can just be boring ... at least for blogging purposes. ;-)

  2. Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend) was our "rainy weekend", but this weekend was beautiful. We made up for what we missed last weekend.

    As for PJ day, yes, I've had a few of those myself :)

  3. Sorry your weekend was kind of a downer, but maybe there is some consolation in the fact that the rain is supposed to continue for the work week. The worst to me is when it rains all weekend, then the sunshine returns bright and early Monday morning!

    Hope you have a good week and don't have to resort to an Ark. :)

  4. We've had loads of rain here too. I'm tired of it but I guess it's needed. We went to MD for the weekend and Friday night was crazy tornado warning weather but Saturday and Sunday were spectacular. I needed to see the sun.

    Hope your week is good in spite of the weather!

  5. Sometimes a boring weekend is a good thing. Hope you have a great week and that you won't need that ark!

  6. The weather was beautiful for my weekend. I didn't get to enjoy much of it as I was inside with a sick little girl. We even had a fun Sunday trip to the after hours care center. A little to much excitement for me. I hope next weekend is better for both of us!

  7. Saturday was a chilly but beautiful day. Sunday brought thunder showers off and on. I wanted to garden and walk the dogs. It didn't happen. Hopefully this coming weekend for both of us will be better.

  8. Sorry about all the rain but a PJ day is always fun!


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