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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making coffee go farther

One of the nice things about having these kinds of coffee makers is that everyone can have the coffee that they want.  Or the tea. Or the hot cocoa.  Anyhow, it seems to work for us.

Hubby got one of these shelve things to hold the coffee/tea/cocoa and I love it. It doesn't take up any more space than the coffeemaker and I don't have a lot of counter space so that is important to me. It also holds a lot.

See, it holds a total of 30 cups.  One of the bad things that I don't like about these coffee makers is the cost per cup. The coffee and tea is pretty strong and cost per cup can be as much as $.70 per cup. Hubby looks for sales and gets that cost down to $.50 per cup. Still, that is a lot for this Scottish lady.

 Our coffee maker has 3 options so this is what I do make it more cost efficient for us. I take the coffee of my choice and place it in the coffeemaker but instead of placing a coffee cup under it, I place this.

It's a large measuring cup and fits just right, then I press the largest cup possible  and brew that. Then I press the same cup size again and brew it again. And to make sure I get all the coffee possible out each K-cup I then press the smallest size last.  All the coffee is blended together, I add my cream and sweetener and  I get 2 full travel cups plus a little to have right away.  None of it is too strong, none of it is too weak, it's all "Just Right!"

I figure this way that $.70 per cup coffee is down to between $.23-$.24 each.

Now that makes my morning coffee worth it.

With the cost of everything going up - How do you save on everyday items? 


  1. My MIL had a coffee maker and the same type of coffee drawer. She loved her coffee until she got sick and the dr said no more coffee. I drink tea and wouldn't like to disrupt my morning routine. I do bring travel tea mugs to hockey games. The snack bars at the rinks provide weak tea that is too expensive for such a small cup.

  2. That is an excellent idea to stretch the coffee like that! Those K-cups are so cute and so convenient, but you are right, so expensive! Have you seen advertised the K-cup thingy that is empty, you fill it up with ground coffee and it can be used in the K-cup machine? It is advertised here all the time on the TV. I've been tempted to invest and see if it works or not. We had to shelf our K-machine due to cost of the K-cups, but I might have to try this system of yours Lynn.

    To save money these days, we buy a lot more store brands of things, 95% of the time they are okay to use over the name brands, we have found some aren't, but it does help a little bit indeed!

    enjoy the day!


  3. That's a great idea. I was wondering if you could use them twice. I do hate the waste of throwing the thing away but it is also a mess to try to empty it and recycle the plastic.


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