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Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Sky in Morning....

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning. I guess if the old saying is true, then we better take warning.  The news reports tell us that Hurricane Sandy will be of some trouble to us by Monday afternoon.  For many south of us, they are getting the full brunt of the Hurracane but up here in NH we are going to get the wind and rain. Power outages are expected and schools were being called off Sunday night.
So for those in the direct path, my prayers are with you and may you all be safe.  I will be looking at your blogs to see if you still have power and if you are all safe.  I suspect that most of the blogs that I read will be about the storm and what it did and didn't do to their lives, their homes and their families.

We spent most of the time this past weekend getting ready. I don't know what "getting ready" for a storm means to you but for us is meant putting away anything outside that can become airborn. Taking photos of the house and yard, in case we need them for insureance claims later. Getting the generator ready, batterities, extra water, extra food, making sure the oil was ready for the lamps, got caught up on laundry, cleaned the house, took the flags down from outside and filled up the car with gas and got some cash out of the bank.

I also made sure that the dogs had all their food ready as well. Since I cook for them, their meals are in the freezer and we have some good quality kibble as well for them. Their evacuation kits are ready to leave if we have to.

I pray that Monday morning finds you all safe. I know that I will be watching tv a lot to see how Sandy is moving and where she makes landfall.  Be safe all and I will be looking forward to seeing my prayers answered and that you are all safe.


  1. Be safe Lynn Marie and give the a hug for me. Laura is staying home with Maggie and I am going into work to take care of all dogs.

  2. Stay safe, my friend. No storm preparation here ... Sandy should fizzle out before getting to Illinois.

  3. We still have power this morning and it is only just now beginning to rain, arriving a little later here than first forecast. It is windy...I was just out very quickly with the dog and mindful of tree branches falling. Pretty much everything here is closed and my hubs is working from home. My daughter in DC is staying put as her office closed today too.

    Stay safe!!

  4. Sounds like you have prepared best you can! I hope you ride Sandy out just fine. Stay safe!

  5. It sounds like you had a busy weekend getting prepared! I'm praying for all who are in the path of this storm. Stay safe!

  6. Thankfully we won't see much of Sandy. There will be a wind advisory starting tonight and then rain, wind and a snow flake or two for Tuesday and Wednesday. That is some storm to have an effect all the way in Central Indiana! Praying for my family and friends out east. Be safe!

  7. We've had lots of gusting winds since Saturday here in western NC. Temps are dropping too, and snow is forecast for our mountains and possibly for us as well.

    That said, we've dodged the bullet named Sandy so we don't have to make any storm preparations. Like so many, I'm watching the progress of this hurricane on tv closely.

    Lynn, you and Gerry are about the most prepared people I know. Ready as you are, I'm praying you don't have a repeat of last Halloween's storm with no power. My wish for you is that the most work you'll do regarding this storm is putting back all your emergency supplies.

    Prayers coming your way, and for everyone else bracing for what looks like a monster mess.

  8. I agree with a red sky warning. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am watching CNN today and my heart is so heavy with all that is going on. ((HUGS))

  9. Sounds like you are doing the same as us. Right now we are stuck at home, hoping the power doesn't go out. We are lucky enough not to be at the jersey shore where there is MAJOR flooding! You stay safe too!

  10. That is a good idea to take pictures in case you need them for insurance purposes and let's hope you don't! Sounds like you are prepared; hope it isn't hitting you too bad!!



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