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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well the truth is we never lost it, but it wasn't for Sandy's lack of trying. Our lights flickered and the TV went off and on again but in the long run, we kept our power.

We had started the pellet stove to bring the house temperature up in the house because if the power does go off, it takes a few minutes to get the generator going and everything plugged in so we wanted the house a bit warmer which August loved and Becke tolerated.

Gerry got the generator ready to start because the last thing he wanted to do was to start putting it together in hurricane wind and rain. This way all he had to do was go out there, pull the start cord and plug in everything we need to "rough it" in the country. 

Did you know that you can't get a generator wet!!!  When do you need the generator to work, well when it's raining, when it's snowing and other times when most likely the generator will get wet!  So Gerry created this tent cover for it and it worked really well until the winds hit close to hurricane strength and then one of the legs on the bottom broke so he was out at 9pm working on it.  

Today, if the stores are open, he will go get new parts and fix it.  Then, hopefully we will be ready this winter and loose power then.

The winds were pretty bad here and we took August out on a leash to "go" because I was pretty sure he would become a balloon and be lifted away.  He didn't want to go out but since I do not have an indoor tree for him, he had no choice. Becke went out, did whatever and came in as fast as she could. she is no fool!! They both gave up drinking because what goes in must come out and they didn't want to go out!!  Smart dogs.  This morning, they emptied the water dish so I feel pretty safe in saying it's over for us here.

Thank goodness for Face book because that is how we kept in touch with so many to make sure they were safe and to pray for many who were stuck at work and others trying to drive home in such a mess.  Love technology! 

There are still a lot of people out of power, and for many the roads to work are blocked and they can't get to work if work is even open! Our road seems to be open because I see a car here and there going down it. At least I hope it's open and those cars are not just neighbors turning around and going home!   It's a mess up here but compared to NY, NJ and MA we are golden.  

When the sun comes up and we can get out, we will take local photos and post them but we are fine.

My prayers are will all of those who are not fine, or even OK.  God be with you all.


  1. Glad to hear you are safe. We were inland far enough that our electricity only flickered on and off too. I don't know how the roads are yet. We are prone to heavy flooding. I saw NY and NJ on the news. How horrible!!

  2. So glad to hear that you are safe and am praying that you will continue to stay safe.

  3. Glad to hear you are all safe there!

  4. Glad to hear you are fine. It was heartbreaking watching the news this morning.

  5. I am so happy to hear you have power and you stayed safe. I watched all day yesterday and some this morning before I went out. It is all so sad. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

  6. Glad to hear for the most part you guys weathered the storm pretty good. I had to laugh about August being reluctant to go outside; I don't blame him with gusty winds, etc.



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