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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

It's really starting to look and feel like Christmas around here.  No, we don't have snow but we do have some sleet, freezing rain, which makes  for some crunchy, frozen grass to walk on so it sounds like Christmas.

Saturday, we had our Church Christmas Party and with about 60 of us packed into one of the members home (not ours!) it was cozy and lots of fun.

The host had more than one tree so this one was right inside the front door to greet you. It was so festive to walk in and see this.

With most things "Church Related" there was food......lots of great food!
This was just one of the dessert tables!  I really was proud of myself for staying away from this table until, at the end of the evening, the host told me she made fudge with chocolate and Velveta cheese.  Well, somehow that combination just called to me and I had to try it.. It was just delish.

Sunday, we finally got our decorations going.  We have a long way to go but we did make a dent in it.  My energy was down a bit and so we didn't get a lot done, but we did put up our little tree.
It's four feet tall and sits on a toy cabinet. I was surprised just how many decorations I was able to hang on it.  We are going to downsize some of the decorations this year. Later today, I hope we get more decorations up around the house.  

How about you. Do you decorate the entire house or just put up a tree and that it's?  How do you display the Christmas Cards you receive? I'm always looking for a different way to display them. 


  1. I don't decorate the whole house. I put up our tree, put out our Christmas village and our nativity set, and decorate our mantle (some garland around the candles and a few snowmen - pretty simple, really).

    I hate sleet/freezing rain! Ugh! I'd MUCH rather have snow - it's prettier and easier to get cleaned up (on streets, etc.). It's cold here ... hoping for a little snow, even though there's none in the 10-day forecast. :-(

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments that you left on my blog :) Your tree is pretty.

    As for decorating, I go "all out" at Christmas. We have 4 trees up. They range from 2 feet up to 7 1/2 feet. I've collected lots of Christmas "what nots" over the years, so I have all of those displayed, too.

    I'd like to hear more about the fudge made with chocolate and velvetta!

  3. We put up two trees, but that's mostly because our main tree with the gifts is in the family room which is the back of the house. I like a tree in my sunroom which can be seen from the street. I have a lot of ornaments but don't do a themed tree. Just a mish mash of travel, growing up, and the rest. I put a little touch of Christmas in the bathrooms and I have some decorating in my dining room, but mostly it's all in the family room which is where we live. Hope you're feeling better! Your tree is pretty : )

  4. Sounds like a wonderful party. We put up a tree and then little decorations here and there.

  5. I'm a firm believer there are no calories in church related function food :) That being said, the best food seems to always be at a church related function! The party sounds like fun!

    When I decorated, I decorated the family/living room and dining room areas; sometimes a bit in the kids' bedroom and put up a tree. These days we have a string of lights outside and that will probably be the extent of my decorating.

    I don't get a lot of cards so I put them on the ledge in the kitchen area. I've put them on the mantle in previous houses.


  6. I decorate the "gathering" areas... the living room, kitchen, etc. This year I have felt a bit more inspired because both of our daughters are coming home for Christmas - with their boyfriends. We will have activity in the house!

    Those desserts certainly look yummy! I plan on baking next week, closer to Christmas.

    As for greeting cards, I keep a special basket for them by the table.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Looks like a fun party with some good eats! I am decorating a lot this year. I had done less last year and I missed seeing some of my things however there are still a lot of things I don't put out that I use to in our last home. This home is bigger but it just doesn't decorate the same way :( Your tree looks beautiful! Enjoy putting up the rest of your decorations.


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