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Friday, December 7, 2012

We Are Starkers! Are You?

Do you put lights up on the outside of your house?  When do you put them up and then when do you take them down?
We don't put up outside lights. I don't really know why except it's cold up here although putting them up may not be too bad, taking them down in sub-zero temps is just not going to happen and leaving them  up until Spring, just seems silly.

So we drive around and look at others lights. Do you do that as well? Do you listen to Christmas music while you do that?
We like some.....
We love others......
And we are glad we don't live anywhere near a few.....
But we just about comment on all of them.

Here are a few photos of what we saw just in our area the other night.

One house had all white lights which is very nice.

But I really like the houses with colored lights.

One house had just a few lights in the windows. This photo doesn't do the house justice as it was simple and elegant.

While others light up the yard more than the house.

Where do you stand on the whole house lighting issue?  Do you like it?
Do you light up just the house or the yard as well?
White or colored lights?
Do you add music to the lights?
Do you light up the front and back or just the front?

I'm still looking for the "Over-the-top" house but so far, none are in our neighborhood.
I'm thankful for that.

Have a Blessed weekend and I'll see you Monday, Lord Willing...


  1. We don't put up outside lights. It's cold enough here come January that I just have the heart to ask DH to take the lights down. I thought about having someone put the lights up/take them down for us ... until I found out how much they'd charge. No thank you!! If we did put up lights, I'd prefer white lights outlining the roofline ... something simple.

  2. We put a string of colored lights across the front gutter and then we line the drive and sidewalk with candy canes and lighted garland strung between them. Pretty simple. I have an amazing husband that bundles up and takes everything down and puts it away right after Christmas.

    I enjoy driving around and looking at all of the lights. We plan to do that next weekend.

  3. We used to put outside lights on the house but then my husband decided that he didn't want to climb on the roof anymore. We do have one house in our neighborhood that we call the Griswold house. You can't miss it since it is on the first street in the neighborhood. The house next to theirs just got bought and I'm sure the new neighbors had no idea what they were getting into with that one.

  4. I love a beautifully decorated house. We had the icicle lights on our last house. When we moved into our new home six years ago my husband said he is not putting up any lights. So we don't have anything out in front. We did have two white light reindeers out in front but now we have them in our backyard and we get to enjoy them each evening! (neighbors had a lovely light two years ago that put beautiful pictures on their home...it got stolen so we are not risking it)

  5. How fun driving around looking at lights! We do the same :) When the kids were younger, we would stop at Starbucks and get a coffee or hot chocolate and drive around, listening to Christmas music and looking at lights :)

    We have one string of lights up; that's about all we are doing. I love lights and decorations; sometimes I think some people's displays are a bit gaudy from what I would do, but if they like it, so be it.

    When we lived in Montana, we would watch the weather carefully middle of Novemember to see if there was a "reasonable" weather day to put the lights up. We would never light them until Thanksgiving night but sometimes they went up around November 15. We really tried to get the lights down by the first part of January. Most years cooperated with us and we were able to do so. We never put up elaborate displays so it did help with putting them up and taking them down in cool temmps :)

    enjoy the weekend!


  6. The town next to us always had houses decorated to the top. We would load the kids in the car, with bags of popcorn. Put a Christmas cd in and take them around town. They were thrilled! We don't do lights now that the kids are grown and gone. I miss it!


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