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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Playing in the Yard

Because I have no need to shave, or use a lot of shampoo/cream rinse,  I've been saving that money and decided to update the front yard.  The doctor wants me to rest, so we can rest in the front yard, right?
We added some free pallets right up against the house and filled the ground under them with decorative stones, lots and lots of stones.  Then I started to add plants on top of the pallets. Don't you love FREE?

Different size planters and some up on upturned crates for different heights made the pallets look colorful.

In front of the pallets, we dug up the grass, made it pretty straight, laid down weed block fabric and rubber patio tiles made from old tires.  Then we got 2 red Adirondack chairs.  We also added some folding chairs that we had for others to sit and enjoy with us.  From here, we watch those walking their dogs, riding their bikes and of course those driving up and down the street.  

Both dogs like being out there as well, there is shade, sun, a water dish and of course a lap to sit on and hands to hug them.  

This took a few weekends to do as before we could do any of this, there were 2 bushes up there that I hated from the day we moved in.  We had cut them down but we couldn't dig them out of the ground so we waited until they rotted in the ground and then Hubby dug them up.  One came out easily, the other.....not so much.

We really love to sit out there and listen to music, watch the world go by, talk, and most of all enjoy each others company.  

As my stamina improves, we are working on the hill by the driveway.  Laying mulch is hard work when you have to first weed out a years worth of weeds.  We didn't do anything in the front last year as I just didn't have any strength or stamina or desire.  This year I have some so it's time to pull the weeds and get that mulch down!!  

How's your Spring going?  What projects are you doing?


  1. Love it! Hope you have lots of hours to enjoy your new space!

  2. Looks great! From your pictures I can only see what appears to be patio to the left of your front door, is that right? Or do you have the patio flanking both sides of your door?

    Your pavers are recycled rubber, really? They look just like real brick. It's lovely how you've picked up your red accents from the shutters in the Adirondack chairs and the warmth of the 'brick' pavers.

    So glad you have the energy to putter around in your garden again. I know how you missed doing so last year.

    I want more pictures of this new patio, one that includes more of the front of your house!

    Great job!


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