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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time for an upgrade

This was the car seat for August.  It may hold up to 15 pounds, but he became too long for it.  I really love this car seat and am holding on to it but for August, we needed something that was larger for him.  We decided on a car seat where he could look out the window.

We got the 3-in-1 Snoozer.  Here are the photos from the box.

When all 3 pieces are put together, August sits 10 inches up from the car seat itself.  He really likes that.   The photo shows a Chihuahua, but it does fit August really well.  It has 3 parts.

The top part is the seat itself.

The seat unfolds and the front panel comes off to make a dog bed. Great for those dogs who sleep on a bed in hotels, or while visiting family and friends.  

The bottom part is 2 way suit case.  When separated from the top two sections, it has a top zipper that, when unzipped, has huge storage for all of August's needs.  It can be divided into 3 sections if your a real neat freak and want to put food in one section, dishes in the other section, and clothes in the middle.  When the suit case is connected to the top 2 sections, there is a flap in the front so that I can open it, reach in and take out whatever I want/need.

Here is the bottom again, with a zoom in to the suitcase.  See the flap on the front?  It's on the right side of the photo. I can easily reach in and get whatever is in there.

When it's all put together, it has loops that the adult seat belt goes through to lock it into place and there is tether in the back of the seat that attaches to a harness that August wears while in his seat.  All 3 pieces lock together and it can be removed as one unit if need be. 

August in his car seat.

He gets a great view from there and yes, his hair is a mess.  This was early in the morning and he still had "Bed Hair"

So August got an upgrade.  Not sure that Becke is thrilled by it but on the upside, she does have a little bit more room back there.  The down side...Well that's another story.


  1. Wow! I've never seen this car seat before anywhere and I did a LOT of research when Remy outgrew his baby crate and needed a 'big boy' car seat.

    At first, I thought it was the same as Remy's, which I bought last year. It also elevates my little puppy dog up higher so he can look out the window. But not as high as August's sitting in his which looks like a skyscraper compared to Remy's! I think the integrated suitcase is a genius design element. So smart and practical.

    I LOVE August's bed head and he looks so cute in his new car seat. Looks like a happy pup with wind blown hair.

    So glad to read that you strap him in with a harness tethered to the seat. I do the same with Remy. As cute as it is to see drivers with small dogs in their laps, it's so dangerous for both driver and dog, especially with so many drivers distracted by texting these days.

    Now you have to finish the story and tell us what the down side is with Becke in the back seat with the new car seat.

  2. That is one nifty car seat! Talk about traveling in style!


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