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Monday, June 2, 2014

What a Weekend! Love and more love

Well, it was a weekend to beat all weekends.  Busy enough to keep us busy but not so busy that I couldn't get in a nap.

Friday night our oldest Granddaughter was in her very first "End of School Celebration".  At 5 years old her school had a great and short celebration of songs, jokes and ice cream.  We went to see this and was really proud of our granddaughter and how brave she (and all the kids) was to stand up on a stage and sing and tell jokes.

Saturday my firend Linda and I had planned lunch.  We had been trying to do this since the end of March but one time she was sick. Another time I was sick. Then she or I had something else to do so it took a while to get our calendars in sync to go out and enjoy a nice lunch.

We went to a local place - Longhorns Steakhouse - where we could sit and enjoy our meal.  What I didn't know was we were going to be joined by 25 others who all wanted to eat and celebrate with me.

We took up several tables and it took a lot of pictures to get everyone in but what fun we had.  

We laughed, sang, ate a gret meal and dessert and I got wonderful funny cards, sweet gifts and lots and lots of hugs.  

We were celebrating my remission and the fact that I don't need a transplant - yet!!

My transplant doctor is going to change up some meds and increase some meds and hold off on the transplant for a while.  We will reevaluate around the end of August. 

So I get to enjoy my nice warm summer with ladies who make me laugh, sing, pray, and make me feel like a princess. 

In all it took us a little over 2 hours to eat, and 3 waitresses to get us our food and drinks.  The staff was absolutely wonderful and joined in on the hugging.  

We took pictures. Lots of pictures!  At one point I think all the cell phones were going at once and then we shared the photos between the phones.  Those who didn't know how to do that, got instructions on how to do it while others took photos of that too.



 I even got a tiara and Feather Boa to wear for the day.

I had just started going without my hat indoors so for some it was the first time they saw my new baby hair which is really light and blond so from a distance, I look bald, but I'm not. I have really, really blond hair that is very short still, but you should see how fast I can get ready in the morning now.  Really, I get up, brush my teeth, shower, put on some make up and I'm out the door without even running a comb through my hair.  It never moves and doesn't need any hair spray.  You should see all the money I'm saving on hair products.  Oh wait, you can see all the money I'm saving by not needing to use hair shampoo, cream rinse, hair spray or razors at all.  I'll show you tomorrow what I'm spending it on..

The best part of the day was all those smiling faces, all talking at once, playing catch up with kids, grand kids, moving, end of school projects, eating, laughing, talking all at once.  The fellowship was amazing. The love was overwhelming.

Another great event was that while I was enjoying all these ladies. Hubby was getting spoiled as well by some wonderful men who were caring for him as my caregiver.  He had a blast as well.  We really felt the love. 

Sunday night was small group with part of our "Prayer Warriors". Sitting in the country, singing songs of praise and discussing a portion of the 16th chapter of the book of Acts. We shared a few laughs as well. All in all it was a wonderful weekend. 


  1. What a fabulous weekend ... what a blessing all those friends are for you and your hubby. And yay on the delay of the transplant! Praying for you both.

  2. I am rejoicing that your transplant is not happening at the moment. Yes! Oh what a blessing good friends are! I am so happy you are surrounded by so much love. :)

  3. What a wonderful thing for all of your friends to do for you! I'm glad you and hubby had such a great weekend, and that you're both surrounded by so much love :)

  4. What a great surprise, I'm so thrilled all those people came to eat lunch with you.....you are loved!

  5. Just now caught up with your post, and what a wonderful story this is!

    First, you get a transplant reprieve until August and then you have a couple dozen friends help you celebrate that news over lunch - whoo hoo!

    It's great that Gerry had his own boys club shindig too. You are both blessed with so much love and support, none of which surprises me in the least.

    The love you and Gerry have shared throughout your lives with family, friends, and whomever needs it is coming back around to you now full circle. And rightly so.

    And by the way, you are SO rocking that tiara, Girl! Your baby blonde hair is adorbs! I can see it (once I enlarged the photo) and it's going to be very pretty - real Gwen Stefani platinum from the looks of it! Rock on, Lynn Marie!


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