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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Rest of the Story

They look like best buds dont' they!  And for the most part, they are.  They look for each other outside. They go out together and come back together. They both nap on Becke's bed in the living room.  When August is coming out of day care, Becke walks up the hall to meet him.  But every once in a while......

A few weeks back we were traveling back home from a doctor's visit up north in Lebanon.  After letting out the dogs for a walk, dinner and potty time, we decided it was our turn to eat.

We stopped at a local Friendly's for some dinner.  We wanted to sit by a window so that we could see the car and of course the dogs.  The meal was good, the server was very nice and the entertainment was hysterical.

August had figured out how to get the harness off and decided to tour the car.  We have a SUV so he would go from the middle seat to the back, looking out the windows and then back to the middle seat.  Then he would jump into the front seat to look out the front window. Back to the middle seat and back into his car seat.  Then he would do this routine all over again.  At one time he would stand on Becke's head looking out her side of the car as she was laying down. Apparently he was using Becke as both a landing pad and launching pad.

After a few minutes, Becke sat up, looked out the window, found us in the restaurant looking at them, locked eyes with what a friend calls "The Hairy Eyeball Look". The look that says, "You had better be eating dessert, paying the bill and getting yourselves back here!! There will be words here!!"  She then looked down.  August immediately got into his car seat, curled up and laid down.

We had a good laugh, paid the bill, and left the restaurant to go back to the car.  August pretended he was sound asleep, eyes closed and all.  I got his harness back on, shortened the tether and kissed Becke.  Not sure what Becke said, but whatever it was, August understood.  As long as Becke is in the car, August stays in his seat!! Message given, message received.  Too bad I was so busy laughing that I didn't take any photos.  You will just have to use your imagination.

Gotta love dogs!!  What a blessing they are!!


  1. That is the most hilarious story. Aren't they fun! And yes, I can imagine the whole scene. lol

  2. Love your story. That must have been so funny to watch. And yes, dogs are such a blessing!

  3. August sure keeps life from getting dull, doesn't he?! Bless Becke's heart, she's one in a million :) Loved the story.

  4. That is a good one! Those wise older dogs just know the right thing to say!

  5. That is just too funny. What a great story, I love it!

  6. LOL...yes, gotta love dogs!

    Your post brightened up my day :)

  7. Oh I wish I had been there. That must have been hysterical. I wonder if the other people in the restaurant saw what you were laughing at.


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