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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arcadia National Park

Part of our vacation was going to Arcadia National Park.  It is a beautiful place where we were able to walk around and tour some of God's beauty.  The picture above is at the peak - Cadillac Mountain.  It was super cold up there and the wind was blowing so bad we left the dogs in the car. August would have become a kite and Becke would have been a tumbleweed.  Hubby had to hold me down and we got someone to take out picture so that we could get back in the car and drive down the mountain.

One of the sights in Arcadia is "Thunder Hole"  where the water hits the rocks just so, the sound is that of Thunder. While we were there we didn't hear it, but boy is it beautiful down there.

 Sand Beach is another beautiful place in the park and at this time of year dogs can go into the water.  The only problem that we didn't know about was that there are only steps to get down to the beach.  Becke would get down, but not up as it was a lot of steps.  So she and daddy stayed up and August and I went down to the water.

August chased the water back out to sea and I do believe that he feft that he was making the water go away as he chased it back out to sea.  He had on a shirt just to keep the wind off him a bit and give him a little bit of protection from the wind.  He really did like it out there and did draw attention to himself as he chased the water away.

Here is just one group that came up to ask "What is that?" as they pointed to August.  August is used to standing behind me or his sister while we explain that he doesn't have a lot of confidentce and how to meet our little man.  They were wonderful as one of the ladies has a Papion and knew to sit on the gorund.  It was wonderful to see someone who understood and August immediately climbed into her lap.

At some point on our tour of Arcadia National Park, August became overwhelmed.  At that point, we placed him in his stroller and although some people looked at us all like we were nuts, August was able to relax and calm down.  The stroller is a wonderful thing and helps him to enjoy all our outings without having to be overwhelmed.  Have you ever seen a dog in a stroller?  

He loves to look out and see the world and not have to be a part of it.   He gets lots of looks but not no touching!!!


  1. That looks like so much fun...and I LOVE the doggy stroller!

  2. I enlarged your travel pictures to really see them. You went to some beautiful places. Love that you take your dogs with you. I'm so glad that you had such a great time.

  3. Really enjoyed today's installment of your travelogue! How great for August to experience a new place and new people in such a positive way. (Becke's an old hand now). I'm sure those people loved meeting their first Powder Puff Chinese Crested in August who's a great breed example.

    And how smart of you to use a stroller for him. I was one of those people who thought strollers for cats (we have a neighbor who has walked his cat around in one) and dogs were a bit much. That is, until I read your post from a few months ago which made a great case for doing so, especially for a fearful dog.

    Say hi to my favorite peace officer and keep those pics and prose coming in, Blondie!

    1. Glad you liked today's story. Becke got lots of attention especially after we told people how old she is!! Most had never met a 14 + year old lab who was still walking and smiling and even running at times.

  4. I think those strollers are awesome. We use to have a lady shop with her dog in a stroller in the Halllmark store I worked at. Sorry the weather wasn't so great that day. It looks like a lovely place to visit.

    1. The place is beautiful but that day it was windy! I like our stroller for August.

  5. Great places to see on your vacation! I think that is wise to put August in his stroller when he gets overwhelmed! I have seen dogs in strollers before, I think its a great idea!


    1. Thank you Betty for thoughs and thinking the stroller was a good idea. I sure do think it is as well.

  6. Hi,

    Looks like such a beautiful place!

    I have never seen a dog in a stroller.
    But, it makes perfect sense.

    Glad you enjoyed your day.


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