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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More vacation stories - Dog Mountain

The first half of our vacation was spent in Maine. The second half of our vacation was spent in Vermont at a place called Dog Mountain.  It's a private spot on a mountain top in Vermont.  150 acres that are always open to the public and their dogs.  Here the dogs are cherished and there is no leash law so well behaved dogs are encouraged to be off leash and are welcome inside any building who's doors are open.

Picture this, you have 150 acres to walk around in, take pictures of and play in.  There are ponds for the dogs to swim in and while they are still wet, they can then go into the stores and run around and play.  It's an amazing spot and this time of year, it's beautiful!!

We kept August Rush on a leash since he was overwhelmed with all the bigger dogs running around off leash and playing with each other while their owners were talking and tossing a ball for the dogs.  Becke had her leash on and at times we wrapped it around her harness as we walked around but since she has limited sight and hearing we wanted to keep her safe.  
There is Dog Chapel up there where people post photos, and notes about the animals in their lives who have gone on.  
Here is Hubby just outside the doors of the Chapel with Becke and a lot of statues that August was sure were real people and dogs.  It took a while but he finally did go see for himself that they don't move!!
Inside the chapel you will find thousands of notes, letters, photos, and even ashes of dogs who have died. These notes and photo's are never taken down.   It's a place of love, sadness, joy, prayer and reflection.
Can you see the notes and photos in there.

August sat in one of the chairs looking around.

Seats to sit and think, pray, cry or just be still.

All the seats have dog statues either on the side or in the back of them

Stain glass windows are everywhere.

The walls are called Remembrances Walls and there are note pads, pens as well as push pins and tape so you can write and post your message on the walls.  All are invited.

Everywhere you go there are dog statues, hidden in the tall grass, standing along the walk ways, and outside of buildings and ponds.  There are even statues of cats outside the Gallery peeking out from the corner of building.  Pets are truly cherished here and they know it.  The dogs who go there often, know where all the drinking bowls are and each is refilled thoughout the day.

What a magical place to go. We saw lots of dog themed furniture, dressers, mirrors, place mats, and chairs all with dogs on them. 
                                 Even the sink in the bathroom is a dog. Pull down the tail for water!!

Becke and August had a blast and frankly, so did we.  

Is there a magical spot for pets in your neck of the woods?  Do tell!!


  1. I have never heard of such a place, but it looks and sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed your time there and thank you for sharing it here.

  2. How fun! So happy to hear you had such a great time on your vacation. Enjoyed your photos!

  3. I didn't know such a place existed. How fun!

  4. That is so cool! New England in the fall is on my bucket list; now I'm going to have to put this on as well!

  5. Oh this seems like such an awesome place! I'd love to take Clancy there. I've never seen anything like this.
    Adorable pics and I'm glad Becke and August enjoyed their visit. :)

  6. I love it! What a fun place to visit. Your right it sounds magical......


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