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Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding summer even in the midst of winter.

Remember on Wednesday the weather forecast showed that we were going to get between 10-16 inches? Well we got 22 INCHES! YUP you read that right. Then the wind blew, and blew, and blew some more and so we have drifts of 48 inches!  I wish it would just blow across the street where no one lives and it can just stay there!  Good think my car is tall because seeing around corners is really hard - as in you have you crawl into the intersection to see if you are about to get hit by an oncoming car.  Fun times for all!  We had several moments of "White Out" conditions (for those of you in the south that means you can not see anything beyond 2 feet in front of you). Our small town did a fantastic job keeping up with the roads and most people thankfully stayed home.  Hubby of course had to work and it took him over an hour to get home!  Lots of cars off the road.
Here are a few photos and yes, I agree that the snow is beautiful, but I also think that sunset at (on) the desert is also beautiful.

Our walk way

Trees heavy with snow

Our front yard at dawn 

For those who are still digging out and so longing for Summer - here is some warm summer music. The group is Prydein and they know how to mix rock and roll with Bagpipes.  Turn the volume up and enjoy some summer! Lord willing, I'll see you Monday.

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