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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recipe of the week: Low Carb "Frappuccino"

One of the icicles hanging from the house

Man oh man has it been cold up here! By the looks of the national map most of the country has been feeling the cold as well in one way or another. One thing that you probably noticed is just how dry this bitter cold air is. It makes me really thirsty and boy have I been drinking water. The other day a co-worker was making a trip to Starbucks and asked me in I wanted something. My first thought was - "Starbucks! are you kidding?" but I couldn't think fast enough for a low carb drink. I was drinking coffee and didn't want another hot coffee even though it was so bitter cold!  So I told her no and thanked her for asking.  But you know I though about it all day- and i mean all day!  I was thirsty and really wanted something cold and really love Starbucks Frappuccino but they are not low carb and they are costly!  Once home, I made my own low carb version.

A really tall glass of something cold even on a cold day!

Low Carb Caramel Frappuccino.

1 cup brewed coffee
several ice cubes
Sugar Free Caramel Syrup
Heavy cream

Place it all in a blender and blend it away, pour into a tall glass and enjoy! 

Do you a favorite drink that you make instead of spending the money and buying it? Do share please.


  1. I simply adore your creativity and drive to adapt life to your liking. I am so lucky to be your husband. Nice Blog entry, my love.

  2. Megan would love to see your icicles. Hope you stay warm!!

  3. Good for you, Lynn. Making your own and saving money.
    Yes, I recently figured out how to make good chai tea. I keep a mixture of the spices, put about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in the mug along with a plain tea or green tea bag, fill with boiling water and add milk. You can heat the milk but I don't bother. This is my afternoon treat along with one Dove dark chocolate.
    Looks like you are going to make your exercise goal by the end of March, Doesn't look like you do much sitting with all those miles logged; 5 a day!

  4. Sue, thank you for the encouragement to keep moving. I love that you make your chai tea as a treat with chocolate in the afternoon. What a nice way to spend the afternoon.

  5. That sounds really easy and very tasty.


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