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Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Review: The 400 mile Challenge

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my cracked rib.  Hubby feels very bad for giving me such a big bear hug but we have hugged that way for years and it really wasn't his fault. You can read his story here if you want to.  I am healing nicely and it's not like I've never broken anything before.  I have osteoporosis and yes I am taking something for it but I break.  So far I have broken all my toes, all my fingers, my upper jaw and my ribs 3 times (one of the ribs twice now)  See most people hear about this illness and think "Oh my they will break a hip some day".  Well, maybe, but the little bones will break first.  So I'm getting use to this and I have determined that it will not slow me down. 

Any how this weekend we were suppose to get  2-4 inches of snow so we hunkered down and worked on house hold stuff and by that I mean the baby quilt! It is the most important thing on my mind right now! Baby coming in about 5 weeks! However the snow really never amounted to anything over 1/2 inch but hay I was ready for it.

And it can work my arms as well!

I got to tell you all so far I'm enjoying this 400 mile challenge. The weather has not cooperated much so walking outside has has been subbed by riding the stationary biking. After all even though we didn't get much snow it was wicked cold and I don't do cold!   Our bike has a monitor that tells us how many miles we have gone so it's mile for mile here! Wearing a pedometer allowed me to clock miles while I went about doing what I normally did, after all the idea here to get moving so all miles count so walking around work/ home should count as well right? So I'm counting  my miles Saturday-Saturday and so my total for this week is 37.  Now all those miles are broken up by walking (inside/ outside) - biking - free weights & using the Wii system step aerobics. I borrowed the "Just Dance 1" from a friend and I must say that 15 minutes of that MUST count as a mile because I am dancing my butt off! I think I'll go get the volume 2 and we can share. Or Maybe the Zumba DVD? Has anyone tried that one?  What did you think?   I also have added a side bar to the right to keep track of how I'm doing. 

See I get board easily so I really do have to mix up my routine or I'll go nuts! And Hubby would not like that at all. So how was your week and how is your 400 mile challenge going? 


  1. I read what your hubby wrote ... how sweet. He's definitely a keeper.

    I have osteopenia ... and reading all that you've gone through as a result of your osteoporosis has made me determined to keep my bones healthy! ;-)

    Good luck on your workouts!

  2. Aww, so sorry about the cracked rib! Hope it heals quickly for you.

    I'd like to know if you get the Zumba DVD...let me know if you love it. I've kind of been wanting to try it but haven't done anything about it yet. I am off to the gym this morning though-that's something!

  3. Wow, I'm sorry about your rib. I not only feel bad for you, I feel bad for your hubby too. I read what he wrote and it's plain that he loves you to infinity and back and hurting you...hurt him. I hope you heal quickly.

    37 miles!!!Great job! Using a pedometer is a good idea. Keeping a mile's done ticker on your sidebar is a great idea too. I think I'll put one up.

    Is that long white barbell one of those "shaking" things? I almost bought one at BJ's but put it back. Does it make a difference? Do you like it?

    Keep up the good work but be careful! Don't want you hurting more than you already do.

  4. Ellie - Yes I have the Shake Weight. I do like it. It takes some getting use because you really do have to hold it still while you shake it. It's only about 2 pounds so the idea is to go faster and faster to get the results. But holding it still is the hard part for me.

  5. Thanks for answering LynnMarie. Knowing me I'll end up getting one.

  6. I started Zumba last month at my local Curves. I LOVE it, even though it flies in the face of my personal policy not to break a sweat.

    Zumba is definitely a wicked cardio workout. The music is fast and learning the steps is a lot of fun. My goal is to hit my goal weight by June and keep it there.

    If Zumba can't do this, nothing can!


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