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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday: Family

I have a wonderful Godly man as my husband. We met our senior year in high school where he thought I was a snob and I thought he was a slob. We both had a mutual friend, Debbie; so we all sat together. Over the next few months I began to appreciate his sense of humor, his integrity, his cheering for the under dog, his kindness. I have no idea what he saw he saw in me but by Thanksgiving Day we were talking on the phone, by Christmas we were dating. By April we were engaged and by July we were married. I' m not sure when I realized that I was in love with him, by that I don't remember waking up and saying " wow, I just fell in love!" but I did know that he was the only one I really wanted to be with because I truly loved him. Now 38 years plus later, I love his sense of humor, his integrity, his cheering for the under dog, his kindness and the way he loves me. I'm still trying to figure out what he sees in me but I am convinced that I got the better end of this deal.

He gave me 2 of the most special children ever born to a mom. Yes I know I helped but you get the idea right? Both are now adults with spouses and children of there own but as children they were the best.

First born was a son on New Years Eve (can you picture me dancing the Tax Write-Off Dance!) even at birth this child was trying to save us money. He was sick for many years, in fact the first year of his life, the hospital had him 6 weeks longer than we did! He was tiny, didn't eat much and taught me the true meaning of "Pray without ceasing". He was shy (like his mom) had a great sense of humor (like his dad) and a way of looking for the loop holes. For the longest time I thought he would be a lawyer because he was looking for a way around the rules at home. He grew into a strong, tall, healthy, loving, talented man who works with computers. I'd tell you more about what he does for a living but when he tries to explain it my eyes glaze over and roll to the back of my head. He could spend hours and hours playing with toys and would create a world for them where all got along and played nice.He is married to a wonder, funny, talented woman and they have given me 2 grandsons. They live on the west coast where he will not have to shovel snow ever again. His youngest son has a birthday today. Happy Birthday "N". Grannie loves you very much.

Born second, is our daughter. She came 21 days late and has had a hard time being on time ever since. In the old days they let you go that long over your due date - thankfully no more! I had wanted our children to be closer together but the Air Force had other ideas so they were 3 1/2 years apart. You could say I waited a very long time for my little girl!

She came into the world screaming and hungry and I knew I was in for it. She was born with dark hair and looked so much like her dad, the man I love so much. I would watch her breath for hours. She was sick a lot too, but at least we had her more than the hospital did. She has an opinion on everything and is not shy about speaking her mind. She is woman, hear her roar! If our son taught me to pray without ceasing, she taught me to be grateful in all things. Grateful that she didn't break something as she climbed back down the 20 foot tree she climbed up at 5 years old. Grateful that she did not do permanent damage to her hand when she cut it carving a pumpkin in Jr. High. She has her dad's talent for music and when I look at her I still see my little girl trying to learn to make cookies with her hair in her eyes. She is also married and to a musically talented man who works hard to provide for his family. She is by far more mature than I was when I was her age. She has given me my beautiful granddaughter who hugs my leg and she is currently pregnant with another granddaughter, due in February. So my 2 children have given me 4 grand children. My son and daughter has given me 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Yep that's what I'm thankful for.


  1. That is great. I am most thankful for my best friend and my wife Laura and my friends and family

  2. I enjoyed this post! I can identify with your son looking for loop holes in the rules. My oldest son would bend them so far...or his favorite excuse was "I forgot". He, too, grew up and has a career in computers. Interesting, isn't it?
    I'm so glad that I found your blog, I love it!

  3. There is an award for you over on my blog, if you'd like to come over and claim it. Have a great evening, Kathy

  4. What a sweet, sweet post - LOVE IT!


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