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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's All In The Timing

"The dreamer is one who can only find their way to the moonlight, and their punishment is they see the sunrise before the rest of the world." Oscar Wilde

I wanted to get pregnant, we were "working on it", but every test came back negative.
"Relax, you're trying too hard". "It will happen when it happens". "Keep at it". All good
advice for sure. It's all in the timing.

Then the test was positive! We're pregnant - only one problem, no one knows when that
happened. Tests all say I'm farther along than I look, but that can't be since I was still
having my "Aunt Flow" visiting me. It's all in the timing?

I'm due in mid June according to the test, according to the measurements. The
pregnancy is fine, very little morning sickness, feel great, not gaining a lot of weight, lots
of energy. Everything is fine, it's all in the timing.

June is almost done - it's all in the timing. The baby will come when the baby is ready.
July comes, the big holiday is here so off we go to watch the fireworks, then we go to
bed. It's all in the timing.

Sometime after midnight while hubby is sound asleep I wake him up to go to the
hospital. Timing is everything.
1. Hubby calls the ambulance to take me to the hospital since we are 50 miles away
from it.
2. Hubby then gets older brother off to neighbors to watch him.
3. Hubby drives himself to the hospital to meet me and the medic who drove me in the
4. Medic hasn't eaten in hours and contractions have stopped so we stop at his house so he can get a sandwich.
5. Hubby gets to hospital before ambulance and me.
6. Hubby has a panic attack.
7. I show up still pregnant but no more contractions so hubby is sent home.
8. Hubby drives back home 50 miles.
9. Once home, Hubby calls to check on me, nurse tells him he needs to come back after
all - it's all in the timing and my timing says soon.
10. Hubby makes it back to the hospital (50 miles) in time to get into the delivery room.
11. Hubby gets to see our daughter born.

3 weeks late, - wrinkled, - dehydrated, -screaming-Perfect. It's all in the timing.
We could not be happier. 
1 Year old

She was sick for a while with other things but she sure was perfect! She is the joy of our heart and we love her very much and we are so proud of the woman she became. She is now a grown married woman who is the mom of our 2 grand daughters.

Happy birthday to our beautiful daughter. You have given us such joy and everyone was right
It's all in the timing. We love you so much.


  1. Precious! The love in your family is touching.

  2. How sweet ... I love hearing stories like this.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    And you're right ... it's all in the timing! ;-)

  3. happy birthday to your daughter! What a great story!! God's timing is always perfect I do believe!


  4. What a sweet post. Hope she had a lovely birthday.


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