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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Dogs Dog.

Have you seen the story on the news of the golden retriever that was born blind and now has his own seeing eye dog? 
It seems that Tanner, the Golden, was born blind and as he got older began having seizures.  Blair, a lab mix was shot.  The two dogs became friends and now Blair carries around Tanner's leash and helps him gets around.  It's a wonderful story of one dog helping another. I love these stories and I believe that these two dogs are looking for a forever home---together.  I hope they get it.  What a heart warming tale.

I have a dog that helps another dog as well.  Her name is Becke, his name is August. They have a different kind of story.

August, the Chinese Crested, was just introduced to the small swimming pool in the back yard a week ago.

August kept walking around the pool and had no idea what to do.  Becke, the lab, who doesn't like to get wet,(because she is a Diva) got tired of watching this so she climbed into the pool.

Then she climbed out of the pool glad to be out of it!! 

Becke repeated this a few times while August walked around the pool and watched.
We love Becke, she really did try to teach an 11 inch, 8 pound dog how to work the kiddy pool.

 August tried.

And August tried again

And finally got in! 
He loves the pool now and Becke sits on the ground in the shade watching. She has done her job
 ----for now.  


  1. Yet another story that makes my heart dance! Love those pics!

  2. Becke the Wonder Dog does it again! How precious that she got baby August into the water. How funny that as a lab, she doesn't like the water herself.

  3. So sweet! I just love your Becke.

  4. I did see the story on the news this morning. It's amazing how the black dog knew the other one was blind. Your Becke has a good heart. What a sweet dog.

  5. That is precious how Becke showed August how to do it!

  6. Oh my, how absolutely sweet! I didn't see that story, but I've read others about how dogs will help other dogs. And then to see it with your pups. How sweet!

    Our Abby (a black lab) didn't care for the water either ... she'd walk in shallow water if she had to ... but never in water that was chest deep or more. Funny dogs. ;-)


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