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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Review

How was your weekend? I hope you got together with loved ones, or visited someplace new, or someplace special. Maybe you got to work on a project that you have been waiting to get to. Perhaps you got some much needed rest time to take a nap, or read a good book. Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed this past weekend. I got to do a lot of things.

Hubby got a chance to go to a men's lectureship weekend so he took off Thursday morning and didn't get back until Sunday night.

I quickly remembered what it was like to sleep without him home. 
It brought back all those years when he worked nights as a police officer and I was home alone.
I didn't like it then.
I don't like it now.

Since I lose so many things, in fact, last time he was gone I lost the remote and had to leave the TV on since I couldn't find the "Off" switch on our then new TV.  So this time hubby decided to help me keep track of the TV remote.

This is his version of a TV remote security system.

If you look closely behind August, you will the rope goes all the way across the back of the couch!
Yes, he has a sense of humor!! But it worked!  I hid the rope the entire time he was gone!

He is so thoughtful. Unfortunately, the tv remote was not the thing I lost, (because I couldn't) it was the cordless phone! I would carry it around in case he called and then put it down, walk away and forget all about it. When the phone would ring I ran around the house yelling "Don't go to voice mail!" so that I could find the phone! I called hubby to tell him it was better to call my cell because I'm wearing that! He called the home phone instead, I know just to make me run around the house looking for it! He's funny that way!

I got to do some projects that I wanted to work on like painting the trim around the back slider, finish a book and begin another, sit on the deck in the sun and eat breakfast for all 3 meals! I love pancakes and eggs and bacon and stuffed French toast. So I got to eat them all!

I also played with the grand girls and boy were they a handful this time. Most of the time, hubby and I are together and we are tired when the girls leave but it is so much fun! This time I was solo and boy was I busy! After 3 changes of outfits on both girls and countless trips outside and inside they went home and I picked up the house and thanked God for such a blessing as 2 little girls as I collapsed on the couch.

I'm looking at a busy week this week so it was nice to have to have a weekend that was fun. I feel refreshed for the week before me-I know however to NOT say I am ready for the week because I know that Satan is ready to attack me as soon as I become too comfortable. I just feel refreshed -and that will do for now.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love starting the week refreshed! Your hubby is too funny. :)

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend ... perfect considering that you have a busy week this week.

  3. Love the remote cord! So glad you got to spend time with your grandchildren. Hope he had a nice weekend too.

  4. What a great weekend and I have to laugh at the losing stuff. Sounds a lot like me too. The remote security system is too funny!

  5. Our remote sits in a charger so I'm good with that. I do end up calling my cell phone from my house phone about once a day though : )

  6. I constantly lose the phone and remote, too. Perhaps I should try your hubby's solution :)

    I'm with you on the grandkids--I feel so blessed, but they wear me out. It's a good tired :)


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