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Monday, February 24, 2014

A long weekend!

It did feel like a long weekend too but that was because I was busy, not sick.  Last Thursday I went to my doctor's for a 1 month check up (I called it my Well Baby Check Up). My immune system is growing and it has memory so I may not need any baby shots!  Yeah!  I can work more at the office and work on loosing the 20 plus pounds I gained.  My hair will grow back but not for a few more months.  It will grow slowly but it may be closer to summer before that happens.  Oh well, everyone is very kind and likes my hot red hair right now.  Wigs are not very comfortable to wear.  I take it off when I'm home and wear one of my hats to keep my head warm. My knee is still swollen but it is really getting better, I can walk on any flat service without limping but stairs are still painful and getting up from chairs or the floor is tough but it's all getting better and after all, it's NOT CANCER!!

So I worked 4 1/2 hours Friday, then came home and rode the exercise bike for 15 minutes and cooked dinner.  Then I was done for the rest of the day.

Saturday, I went food shopping, did laundry, picked up the house and watched the great melting!  Yes, we had temps in the 40's and the icicles on our house decided to melt.  We were getting trapped in the house with the icicles hanging down. It felt like prison bars and I hated it but with a day of sun and higher temps, they melted!!  The snow piles are still here but I see ground in our driveway and even a corner of the roof!! The sun shining through the window feels great.  I know that it is a short lived treat as we have more Artic air coming our way for this week.  Winter will just not DIE up here!!! What does a person have to do to get rid of winter up here!!

I took all the Snowman decorations down and put up all the Summer ones!  I'm hoping that the sun will see all the summer decorations and decide that we deserve Spring at least.  It may not work, but at least it looks like summer inside.

The snow is still here but the iceciles are all gone!!!

Sunday we had more nice weather and I puttered around the house, taking care of Hubby!  YUP he is now sick.  He has a cold but with all the stress around here for the past 17 months as soon as I got better, he crashed!  It has been my honor to take care of him. Cooking for him nice meals, taking his temperature, and caring for him.  He has taken care of me for so long, it feels nice to return the love.  We got another day of nice temperatures and had more  melting.

So it's now the work week again. I'm up to between 4 1/2 and 5 hours in the office each day.  It will feel good to put in more hours at work and I bet the girl who has been doing my job in the office will be glad to not have to do it anymore.

So I hope you have a great week everyone!  Hug someone!  Kiss someone! Care for those you love and even help those you DON'T love, they need it more than you know.


  1. I'm so glad your feeling better and that your knee is better. Sounds like a productive weekend. Wow, those icicles are something else!

  2. Happy icicle melt to you! This was such a happy post to read, in spite of Gerry's crash. How nice for you both that you're able to take care of him now.

    Here's hoping he gets well real soon and you've seen the last of those lethal looking ice daggers hanging from your roof!

  3. Sure hope your hubby feels better *soon* ... glad to hear that you're improving.


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