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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Well That Was Short Lived!

Well, in just a few day out in the sun with temps in the 40's; the house went from this

To this 

But we are back in the deep freeze with temps back in the 20's with wind chills bringing it down into the teens.  But the house inside is ready for Summer!

I went to work for 4 1/2 hours yesterday and Becke was with me, she was so happy to be back there and with the people she loves.  She wagged and wiggled all the time we were there. Right up to moment I fell down and went BANG.

Yup, after 3 hours at work I fell and my fall was stopped by the hard, poured-concrete floor of the office where I ended up looking like this. There was a fair amount of blood as well coming from my nose and mouth but we got it cleaned up before we took the photo. You're welcome.
Photo taken by Hubby at urgent care so it's blurry but you get the idea.

My boss called Hubby to come get me and take me to the hospital. He was close by and showed up right away.  Becke was trying to get close to me after the fall but co-workers were caring for me and she just couldn't get very close to me but I could see her and she was standing as close as she could.

People thought it was funny that Hubby was so close by but it didn't surprise me at all. We have been married for over 41 years. He stays close, he always has.  He was right there caring for me…again!

We went to urgent care and they took x-ray pictures.  Turned out I have a double fracture of my nose, a split lip on the inside of my upper lip, and somehow I hurt my right hand.  I can type and open and close my hand just fine but I can't put weight on it and I have a hard time holding coffee or other things.  I'm right handed.

So I'm back home for a few days, wearing ice and trying to get the swelling down.  I breath through my mouth for a while and see the ENT doctor on Monday, March 3rd.  I need time for the swelling to go down  so the doctor can touch me but not so much time that my nose heals wrong.

I guess I'm better at receiving care instead of giving care. Hubby is back on "Take Care Of SWMBO Duty".  Oh SWMBO is my nick name and it stands for "She Who Must Be Obeyed."

Oh for those of you who want to know what happened? My knee (the one with the Baker's Cyst) gave out and down I went.  No I was not walking with my cane, because I have been doing so well on flat surfaces. I was taking Becke out for a quick potty walk.

Becke is depressed when I told her she was staying home again.

Poor Baby, we will be back!! A broken nose cannot stop me from getting back into the office!! Although I might show up in bubble wrap next time...
And with a walking cane!!


  1. Wow... I imagine that is just a little bit painful! Happy to hear it wasn't more serious and that you will be fine. Oh yeah, bubble wrap and a cane might be a good idea. :)

  2. So sorry you were injured, but I love your sense of humor about it. Take care.

  3. oh so sorry! sounds like a nasty fall with the injuries sustained! I hope it is a quick healing though!


  4. Oh no!! Praying that you will get everything put back where it belongs and on the mend SOON.

  5. Oh my, Lynn Marie!! That was a nasty fall, indeed!! It could have been worse, I guess, but still nasty! Glad you are healing and keeping a sense of humor about it. Good luck on the 3rd!! Please keep us posted!

  6. They certainly melted fast! The summer decorations helped.
    When I saw your face on Facebook yesterday I couldn't believe it. I guess God thinks you need more rest and he was sure to make that happen! Take care....

  7. Wowzers, you took quite a fall! Hope you recover quickly. Prayers your way. How nice that your husband is there for you.


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