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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Thrilled Happy and Humbled all at the Same Time

Is my face blushing? I do believe it is. I started blogging only 3 months ago and I have been given this award! I received it from both Mary @ Life In A Small Town and Kathy at Reflection...By Kathy, thank you so much ladies, you have no idea what it means it me. They were so nice, they even explained to me how to transfer the award to this blog (because I couldn't figure it out). Both of them helped me! Right away! Because they are that sweet! One more reason why I'm really enjoying blogging - the great people you find out there. So if you haven't been over to visit there blogs, Go - you will not be sorry.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered.

4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

So here are the 7 things about me.

1. I am a morning person. I mean a REAL RISE-AND-SHINE-AND-MEET-THE-BRIGHT-NEW-DAY morning person! I wake up usually by 4 am but force myself to stay in bed until 5. I say "force" because I want to jump up and get going but I find that I "Hit a Wall" about 3pm so instead I stay in bed and spend most of that hour in prayer for others. It's a better way to start my day.

2. I am head over heels in love with the man who asked me to marry 3 times before I said yes. I had lots of fears and knew I had lots of baggage that I wasn't sure he wanted to be saddled with. We have been married for over 38 years and I still smile when I see his face. So glad he kept asking me and that I finally said Yes.

3. I have Dyslexia. I see letters in reverse order and sometimes write numbers in reverse order as well so when writing phone numbers I will have the rights numbers in the wrong order, same with some words but they are still words (two become tow) so Spell Check doesn't catch them. Thank God for Spell Check and proof readers. Still God Loves me!

4. I live in a small town and love it out here. We use to live near an airport and they wanted to expand so they took our house which was hard but we found this perfect house out in the country. It was so quiet that we couldn't sleep for the longest time. Now, we sleep just fine. And it's easier to keep clean!

5. I love to move furniture around every few months much to hubby's dismay. I can clean under and behind those pieces better and a new placement makes the room look fresh and different. And the price is perfect for the new look - FREE.

6. Hubby taught me to shoot a gun many, many years ago and I am a really good shot! He works in Law Enforcement so we were going to have guns around the house, might as well get comfortable with them, Right? Just letting you know..... Don't surprise me! EVER!

7. I love Christmas not because of the presents but because of the spirit. I love the songs of love, peace, family and even the funny ones about grandma with the mishap with the reindeer.... I have a different shirt for every day between Black Friday and Christmas morning. Some are long sleeve Tee-Shirts and others are Sweatshirts or sweaters so starting on Black Friday I will show you each one. I just love the season and decorate the whole house.

Now to pass it on to some of the bloggers that I have found here is my list.

Some of these have been blogging for a while, but they were new to me and fun to visit so maybe they will be new to you too. Now Go - Visit - Enjoy.


  1. This was fun to read...I was tagged by a couple of bloggers but haven't responded yet. I'll look forward to seeing your holiday wardrobe : )

  2. Thank you LynnMarie for the award! So kind of you to read my blog and enjoy it! I really appreciate it! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Thanks so much, LynnMarie. Isn't it fun to "meet" new bloggers?!

    I don't think I have any specifically Christmasy clothes, and that's my favorite holiday! =)

  4. Dear LynnMarie,

    How very fun! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for awarding this to me! It is a pleasure to meet you!

    I love how you are an early riser and invest some prayer time before getting out of bed! What a great way to start your day!!

    Blessings to you and yours,

  5. congrats on your award! and thanks for passing it on to me; what a sweet thing to do!

    Loved reading these about you to learn more about you. I'm an early riser too, not quite that early (closer to 5 o'clock) but I like how you spend the time in prayer (I do mine after gym, etc when the house quiets down a bit).

    Looking forward to seeing all your festive shirts in the weeks ahead!

    thanks again,


  6. Lynn Marie, thanks for the award! How very sweet of you. I will have to remember not to sneak up on you, not even to give you a hug. :o)

  7. Congratulations on your award!!!

  8. Congratulations on your blogging award, Lynn! You deserve it, and I so enjoy 'checking in with you' through your lovely blog.

    I'm still shocked at you making yourself stay in bed until 5:00 am before bounding out to greet the day. Not ever having been a morning person, I think any time before 7:00 am that requires me to be conscious is just plain wrong.

    I'm also VERY surprised to read that public speaking is so tough for you. In all the years we've been friends, I never knew that. Coulda fooled me. (And in fact, you did)! I've been one of your dog training students so I know how good a teacher you are, despite your shyness.

    Congrats again on an award well deserved!
    Love ya,

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words. If I'm talking to a small group or a class I'm OK with talking but get me in front of a large group and my knees shake and I spend a lot of time praying that that I don't faint because I really think that I will faint. Thanks again all.

  10. LynnMarie-
    Thank you for sharing this award with me. I have been sulking too much to blog, as of late. Empty nesting has not been so good to me. My baby left for college in the fall and I am just beside myself spending egaads of energy trying to lift myself out of the glums. Anyway I hope to get back to it. I love to write and share the love of Jesus with others. It is my passion.

    Best to you for a wonderful holiday season!
    Heidi at 2 Thinks


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