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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Found Treasure

The office project has been good for the soul! By that I mean that there is something cleansing about cleaning out closets, tossing papers away, re-organizing everything. Funny the things that I found while cleaning, papers and used envelopes that for some reasons I felt were important to keep. Since I haven't used them in a few years, they are now tossed out. Old magazines that I haven't looked at in over a year so they too went to the trash. I also found some treasures that I had forgotten I had. The Cabbage Patch Kids above belonged to me and our daughter a long time ago. Now they wait for our granddaughter who visits and runs to the office to grab them. Another one of the treasures I found was these two little books, buried in the bookcase.

The author Devotions for Quiet Time is Tommy Chupp and Meredith Publication put the other together. They were used a lot a few years back and then I "lost" them. :-) I can't wait to get back into them and I promise I will share with you all what I find. Have a great day and look in your bookcase for a lost treasure - you may find a gem or two. If you do, share with me what you found...OK?


  1. I still have my girls Cabbage Patch dolls. Some days I can't remember what I walked into the room to do but the names of those dolls popped right to the top of my brain as soon as I saw the words Cabbage Patch...why is that??? Eldora Charmaine and Judith Eloise in case you were wondering : )

  2. There is something very satisfying about cleaning out files or closets, etc. I always am reluctant to start ... but so glad I did when I'm done. I always wonder why I drug my feet. ;-)


  3. what great finds with those devotional books!! I always think it is great to clean out and organize like you are doing; I'm sure I will find some great finds in my bookcase over the next month or so as I start to de-clutter before we move in January.

    How cute with the Cabbage Patch dolls! I remember when they were so very popular!

    enjoy the day!



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