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Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Review: Craft Time

It has been very cold here so we have the stove going at night to keep the chill out. Some sort of bug entered the household so we stayed low and rested a lot. Most of Saturday was spent doing the usual, food shopping, cleaning and working on the baby quilt as well as Christmas shopping for the west coast crew so we can get it out. We did manage to get out the Birthday Gift for our grandson who lives on the west coast. Sunday was craft day.

Don't you hate it when you are looking at other blogs, see a great project but then don't bookmark it so months later you want to do the project and can't find it? Well that is what happened to me this past week. I did remember who's blog I saw the project on so I contacted Monica at The Homespun Heart and asked her for the link. Monica was super fast at getting back to me and sent it to me. Thank you Monica! After looking at it again and pulling together my supplies, I started working.

I was given a whole bunch of these canvas bags and they are the perfect red but they have a company logo on them. Looking through my stash of supplies I found this fabric and created this bag. We were having a pounding at church for a couple who just moved here from Nigeria. A pounding is when several families (or in this case the church) gives a new family who just moved to the new community a pound of this and a pound of that. A pound of pasta, pound of flour, you get the idea. Instead of putting the items in a plastic bag or a plain canvas bag I wanted to dress up the bag.

Following the directions from Monica's site, here was my bag of pounding items. I added a welcome card to the front. Cute huh?

What did you do for the weekend?


  1. Great transformation on the bag. I like the idea of giving a pound of this or that.

  2. wow, what a neat idea -- pounding. And even neater is the bag you're putting your pound in. I'm sure they'll treasure that bag long after the pound is gone! ;-)

    I can't wait to see the baby quilt. I love seeing pictures of other's quilts ... I get inspired and get new ideas.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    P.S. That puzzle tray turned out to be bigger than we expected to ... I mean, we knew the size (of course), but it's not as easy to move around because it's big (and heavy). But it works!

  3. Love the bag! I've heard of poundings, but have never known anyone who does them anymore. I think it's a great idea. Hope you have a great day!

  4. I love this-you did a beautiful job with the bag!


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