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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Start of the Holiday Season: Or is it?

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you watch the parade? Did you eat your fill and walk away or did you eat until you busted and had to be rolled away from the table? Was that after turkey nap as good as you had last year? Were you up all night standing in line to go shopping? I would love to hear your story. With so many stores open yesterday and again today, I wonder if there is a real "Start to the Holiday Season". Some how it all gets burled together, doesn't it. So it's nice to take a break, stop what you are dong, think, pray about it and then get going. With a clear head, a prayerful attitude and a clear picture of your budget the holiday season will be a lot less stressful. I do shopping all year and so I am ahead of the curve. I shop in small batches and then our budget doesn't take a hit. So today, I'm staying home and starting the Christmas decorating around here.

I decorate every room except hubbies office. He takes longer to get into the spirit of things. We don't do much outside - mainly because it's just too cold to be out there taking it all down after the season is over, but we do put up a few things,---- close to the house,--- so I can run in after each item is retrieved,--- and warm up by the fire, ---with hot tea in my hands. Yup, I can do that! So here is what is outside this year.

I pulled out Christmas shirts to wash and was very surprised at how big some of them were. Was I ever really that big! Oh My! There are a few that now come down almost to my knees! Do I want to wear them with a belt and leggings? Not sure about that yet. I need new Christmas shirts. OK family who reads this and looking to figure out what I would like, if you want to, I am now a size Small and would enjoy some new sweat shirts, long sleeve tees, and sweaters in Christmas themes. Oh, but since I wear it once a year, hit a thrift store please. I still have enough to go from today all the way to Christmas morning wearing just one a day, but some are really huge! That feels good I must say. Well back to the Christmas clothes. I had been asked to showcase each shirt for the holiday season so here is what I wore today.

Monday I'll show you what I wore over the weekend and some of the house decorations.

Enjoy your weekend and Lord willing, I'll see you Monday. In the mean time, here is one of my favorite songs and no one does it better than Burl Ives.


  1. It feels like we're moving the start of the holidays up earlier and earlier. I feel like we've already heard so much about Christmas and Thanksgiving hadn't even happened. We usually put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. My girls are home and like to help.

    Have fun decorating!

  2. Thanksgiving has truly become the forgotten holiday. :-( My Thanksgiving was a blessed one, even if T#4 was sick which caused my Dad to have to miss the meal (he's 87, older and frail). How was yours, dear one?

    We usually put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving (we get a real tree, and they don't go on sale until after Thanksgiving).


  3. Good for you that your shirts are bigger this year, that means you made some great healthy lifestyle changes!! Wonderful news to hear that!! Cute shirt you featured today! I know what you mean about not decorating outside because of the cold. Having lived in Montana for eight years, I truly understand that. We would put up our lights any nice weekend in November, but not light them until after Thanksgiving. You just never knew when it would be below zero temps so you had to take advantage of the "warm" days when you could. We live in a really small house right now and have to switch furniture around for the tree (or move Koda's crate like we did last year which caused him to get sick so we aren't doing that this year) so we are going to put up our tree probably next weekend or the weekend after that. We'll see. I have a very small list to buy for, having trimmed that down too so we could get our shopping accomplished in just a few hours when we decide to do it.

    I think with so many stores opened on Thanksgiving, it won't be long until those same stores decide to open on Christmas, which would be a shame. I told my husband I can see that happening where you open your Christmas presents and then be able to exchange them the same day.

    Have fun decorating and a nice weekend!


  4. The nap was so good that I didn't even get around to decorating :( We are doing the eating again today at our sons house! No I do not go shopping on Black Friday, I just don't like the crowds. I do shop online for some items.

  5. I thought about looking for more christmas shirts for you, but when I read you already had one for each day until Christmas I figured you wouldn't want any more! Always a wonderful surprise when our clothes get too big :)

    We celebrated THanksgiving with my parents at the house of one of my preschool families. Their family has become like our own family over the last few years and they have 2 girls similar in age to Ben and Noah. They are the family that also goes to Yosemite with us each year. They make a sausage stuffing that reminds me a a bit of your Gerry's stuffing.

    I did the shopping thing this morning. Was out the door before 3am, darted quickly in and out of all stores except Target where the line really got me. But I got the deals I wanted and I really enjoy it. Usually I come home and we pull down all the christmas boxes but I came home to a sick little boy today (Noah). He and I went and sat in his rocker for 2 hours while he napped and I dozed. I am so thankful I had no other kids here today and was able to do that. That was the best 2 hours of my day, even taking into consideration all the deals I got.
    I just ate a leftovers meal (yummmy!) and I think in a few minutes I am heading to the garage to add today's loot to what I already have and make sure I have about the same amount of things for both boys. If Noah is feeling up to it tomorrow we might try taking him and Ben to see "Tangled". It will be his first movie.
    Enjoy your decorating!!!

  6. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. I don't have the patience for those lines! A friend of mine went today and said she stood in line for over an hour at Kohl's and the line barely moved in that hour. Finally she just parked the shopping cart and left the store. She said what she had in her cart wasn't worth standing around for.

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with 15 family members here at my house. We have had a 'cold' week for us Southern Californians. It makes it seem more like a holiday for me.

    My husband and I cannot get over how soon Christmas is displayed in the stores and on tv. If I remember correctly we saw a tv commercial for Christmas even before Halloween this year. How sad.

    Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend! I congratulate you on your weightloss. I am hoping/praying that by this time next year all my clothes will be too big also!

    Donna in San Diego


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