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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Low Carb Winter Soup

As much as I dislike winter there is one thing that I do like about: A crock pot of soup!  I love that I can put everything into the pot, turn it on and walk away.  Not only do I have a good, wholesome, made from scratch dinner, but it makes the whole house smell wonderful.  Here is one that I made over the weekend.  

Winter Soup

4 oz cubed steak cut up
4 oz carrot cut up
3 oz mushrooms
6 oz shredded cabbage
2 beef cubes
2 cups water
(or 2 cups beef broth - your choice)
1 teaspoon chili seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste

Put it all in the crock pot and let it cook all day.  This makes 4 servings at a total of 3 carbs per serving or about 100 calories per servings if you are counting them.   I hope you enjoy this if you make it.  


  1. Sounds yummy...I just bought short ribs so I can make vegetable beef soup in my crock pot tomorrow....we're expecting a snow storm so it felt right.

  2. I agreed that crock pot soup is a good thing about winter!

  3. Sounds very good and perfect for the cold weather.

  4. Wow - that soup sounds yummy ... and the weather (everywhere) is perfect for soup! I'll be making that soup - soon!

  5. Yummmm...I'll have to try this one. Your son is not a soup eater, but sometimes if I make one with beef he is more willing to try it!


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