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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Review: And the 400 Mile Challenge

Hubby took the roof rake/shovel/thingy and knocked the icicles off the roof.  The house no longer looks like a death trap, however, I sort of wanted to keep them over the front door as a waring to all solicitors to stay away from our door unless you are ready to risk being impaled on the front walk! But Hubby didn't think that was a good idea so down they came.

I spent most of Saturday shopping and cleaning (man the laundry really piles up some weeks around here) and finishing getting in my last few miles before I stopped counting  for the week. How did you all do on the challenge this week.  You can hop over to Ellie's and see how the others are doing. I managed to total of 41 miles this week. So my total so far is 168 miles.  Riding the bike is what is giving me the miles. I am getting faster so I travel farther in 15 minutes than I had in the past. Also I increased my step aerobics to 30 minutes (2 miles) each time.

Sunday was the 11th birthday of our Ingretrity StarBeck aka Becke the Wonder Dog --Becke Boo Boo -- Baby Becke Boo.  She enjoyed a nice birthday dinner of green and yellow beans with haddock.  She continues to give us so much joy and I cannot tell you how much we love her.  We love her little quirks such as only I can let her out to go potty but daddy can let her back in.  She will sleep with us on the bed but has to wait till daddy tells her to go to bed and then walk her down the hall (I thinks she likes getting tucked in). She will allow our grand daughter to play with her toys and will play with her a bit with them. She also allows the grand daughter to dress her up.  She travels with us someplace most everyday and is very well behaved.  She loves to go for walks, so since Sunday was suppose to be really cold again (at this point "really cold" is a relative term that no one really knows the meaning of anymore)  and Saturday finally saw 33 degrees, I bundled up like an Eskimo, and took her for a walk - outside - in the fresh air - away from the pellet stove - and the 76 degree house. We didn't go far but boy did we go fast!! We went one mile, which I quickly added to the Saturday total as soon as we got back. She was so happy to be out there and I just wanted to prove that a moving object can't freeze to the side of the road.  I did bring my cell phone just in case however, you know, I had to call 911 to come chisel me out of the frozen pit I was in.  The photos are not that great because my little camera's wide viewer became frosted over and my bifocals darken in sun (or cold) and I was wearing 2 pares of gloves trying to push down the button while walking but here we are.   Yeah for us! PS The nose of said human did freeze on said face and then ran for 30 minutes after we got home and it defrosted - does that count towards my challenge total? No I didn't think so either.

 Happy Birthday our Becke Boo Boo.  May we enjoy many more years with you.


  1. We had similar weekends chipping ice and walking the dog in 30 degree weather. At least on Sunday the sun peeked out for a little bit and we walked then. Who would have thought 32 degrees would ever feel warm???

  2. Happy birthday, Becke!

    You all have had the weather, haven't you? We've got quite a storm that's supposed to be coming through here in the next 48 hours ... up to an inch of ice from freezing rain and up to 16 inches of snow. I remember the last significant ice storm we had ... lost power for 7 days. I'm NOT looking forward to that again!

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  3. What a great job you're doing on this challenge! I feel like I need to step it up BIG time!

    Happy Birthday Becke! You are very pretty!

    I myself would love a bunch of snow. I miss it since moving to Florida. This winter has been colder for more days than usual. Down in the teens a few times. Would have been much better if we had the snow to go with it.

  4. 41 miles this week! excellent. you got me beat :)


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