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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank you Wendi

More icicles on our home

I love you blogging woman! One of the blog that I love is Wendi's My Heart is Always Home. I asked her how she got that wonderful signature she uses on her blog and she sent me the website right away.  Now the instructions gave me a head ache and my eyes crossed looking for the location to put the code in that I had just made but I was able to do it and it was because of Wendi. Thank you so much.  So if you would like a signature on your blog too the go to: http:www.mylivesignature.com and create a signature for your blog as well. It's FREE! I love that price.  Oh and go visit Wendi and look in on her busy life, you will be glad you stopped by.
Thank you again Wendi!! You are super helpful!!!


  1. So glad you were able to figure it out! Working with the tech stuff makes my eyes cross and my head hurt.

  2. Those icicles are even scarier than the ones you showed yesterday! ;-)

    And a heads up: I saw your signature when I read your post earlier using Google Reader ... but I don't see it here now when I come directly to your blog to leave a comment (not reading through G.R.). :-(

  3. Nannato4 - I don't understant either, sometimes it's there and other times it is not. I'm blond and Clueless...big surprise there right?

  4. I found out about that signature a while back too and was tickled it was free! Love blogging friends that can help out!! I second "Nanato4"....those icicles are scary indeed! I just knocked some off our front walk, but they were a 1/3 of the size of yours! Watch out below!! :-)


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