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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cabin Fever or Winter Blues. Whatever it's called, it's time to fight back

Yes it's very pretty but I want it all green and warm now please

I see the sun in the sky but it's heat doesn't reach me, the windows are still cold and so the sun's heat can't warm up the house.  Snow is everywhere and it's not even white anymore, just piles of dirty hard snow.  I look in my closet and see dark colors and lots and lots of sweaters/sweatshirts  and I'm getting really tired of looking for gloves, ear muffs, and scarfs to wear to go out side. It's time to blast those blues and fight back - but how?  Here are some things I do to fight back at this time of year.

1.    Pray for others. It's amazing that spending time in prayer with God on behalf of others takes the            focus off of you and on to others. Better yet, pray WITH someone else on behalf of others. Pray, it does a body good. 

2.    Wear something bright. In the winter we wear all those big dark colors and if you are like me you are tired of them all by now. For a Christmas gift , I was given a hand made scarf made of the softest yarn and it's bright blue. I feel better just wearing it. Find something bright and wear it at least once a week. Ladies even bright undies works.

3.    Clean out your closet. You have passed over that shirt for months now. You either no longer like it, or, it no long fits, or you are just plane tired of it. Get rid of it. Do you really want to pack it up for next year when you didn't wear it at all this year? Our church is having a "Give Away" day in May where we just hand out good usable stuff to people who need it. No price - all free. So now is the time to put those clothes aside. You can also donate them to Family Outfitters as well, this organization does a great service to the local community. 

4.    Exercise. It releases endorphins that help you to feel better. I get board easily so I have to mix it up. Dig out those old “Dancing to the  Oldies” DVD’s, change your old work out DVD's with a friends or borrow new ones from your library.  Moving is important. Remember Spring 31 days away and you want to be ready for the short selves, shorts and other body showing styles. 

5.    Read something funny. Even the funnies on line or in the paper. Ask your friends for recommendations for funny stories. Share books with others. You can share many of your Kindle books as well. Pull those old books (remember those things)  down from the book case and re-read Erma Bombeck. Hay read out loud to share the funny story.

6.    Learn something new. Dig out those old cookbooks and cook new recipes, learn a language, become a vegetarian for a week. Take up belly dancing. Learning can really be fun and it makes you smile. How many of us can be smiling and feel cabin fever at the same time?

7.    Do your taxes. Why have that hanging over your head? You will feel great having that mess over with. If Hubby does the taxes, cook him a special dinner - he's earned it

What do you do to fight back the cabin fever that attacks this time of year? I'll share more ideas next time.  


  1. I'm heading out for a walk today...our landscape is similar to yours so I have to walk on the road but I need to get out. Supposedly we're warming up a bit by Friday but we'll see. Walking helps me re-fix my focus.

  2. Thanks for the good ideas.
    I've been thinking of watching a funny movie each evening to "lighten up" the end of the day. Today I'm going to go and pull out my "hot pink
    " slacks and go ride my bike :)

  3. Thanks for the tips ... good advice to help us through the winter doldrums.

  4. Those are some really good ideas. Thank you.


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