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Friday, February 18, 2011

More ways to beat that Cabin Fever

Yesterday I talked about some ways to fight back those winter blues or cabin fever as it's called around here. I heard how some of you were fighting back as well. Great Job!  Keep it up, yesterday it warmed up here a bit and I even had the car window open a bit as I drove home from work. We are suppose to get another nice  day and then we are back in the deep freeze. OH WELL!!!
Here are a few more ways to fight that Cabin Fever:

1.    Paint a room. Paint the woodwork, or the window frame. It can even be the same color but it will look fresh and smell fresh and we can all use "fresh" these days.

2.    Finish a project you started in the fall but never finished. Have that storage closet that you wanted to clean out but never got around to it, well now is the time is finish it. Have some knitting Pattens just hanging around, get out those needles and get to it.

3.    Wash the car. Up here it's been so cold and our cars are covered with sand, salt, and grime from the roads. Now is the time to drive through a car wash and clean the inside while your at it. Riding around in a clean car will do a lot to lift hour mood.

4.    Eat at the table. Do you eat on the run? In your car, in front of the TV, over the sink? Set the table, pull out the "good china", the "good silver" and sit down at the table. Go ahead, treat yourself and your family like company. Heck, light those candles while you're at it!

5.    Make a change. My Hubby loves this one because it means we are moving the furniture in the living room for a fresh look. Now- by saying "My Hubby loves this ones", I want you to know that he will roll his eyes, give a big sigh, go take an extra vitamin, flex his muscles, make grunting noises as he moves the couch - again- and once done, go onto FB to announce that he once again survived the ordeal!  Good thing he loves me. Go shopping for new furniture (if your budget allows) to replace that end table, or lamp,  get a rug for the floor, or whatever you can do to freshen up your home with the intention of tossing out the old. Don't bring in something new without getting rid of something old. Again, donate it if it's good enough.

6.    Get off the Internet and do some old fashion fun. Play board games! We all get caught up reading our books on our iPads (or kindles or whatever we have) and many of us play games on them too so turn them off get a partner and play a board game or chess or color in a coloring book. Get into some indoor old fashion fun. It is still to cold for me to get out and do anything in the yard so I'm planning to play Tri-Ominos with Hubby.

7.  Grow something. A few weeks ago a coworker placed a small plant on my desk as a thank you for allowing her to use my office over that weekend. It is blooming! I smile every time I water it and look at my desk. It causes no weight gain, no guilt and reminds me the sun is getting strong.  So start growing something (That thing growing in the fridge does not count)

OK so tell me some of the things you are doing, we will make a long list of getting ready for spring after all it's 30 days away!


  1. We happen to be painting a bedroom this weekend : ) And the thermometer says 44 degrees at 6:30 am!! And I see the deck in places...still snow over most of it but where the gutters are dripping it's made a hole in the snow down to the wood. Yay!

  2. Joyce, so glad you are painting this week end. I plan to paint the living room in the next few weeks. We saw 51 degrees yesterday and even had the car window open a bit! Happy dance. We have to shovel to let Becke out so we can see the deck but no ground yet. More snow coming on Monday night :(

  3. The only snow left here is in the big piles that were made when plowing parking lots, etc. But there's snow in the forecast for Monday.

    I love painting a room ... moving everything in order to paint gives me the chance to do some pretty thorough cleaning when I move everything back ... so not only is the room fresh, but it's really good and clean, too. Unfortunately so many of the rooms in this house have vaulted ceilings ... I'm afraid of heights (it's all I can do to get up on a 6-foot ladder to do a room with a standard ceiling height), so when those rooms need painting, we'll have to call in the professionals. ;-)

  4. A little painting is on my agenda for the weekend.

    The only snow left here is the big piles. It feels good to see grass again!

  5. I'll have to keep these ideas handy, for we are sure to get cabin fever when we move to MINNESOTA!! :) Thanks for the tips!


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