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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Review: And the 400 Mile Challenge.

Remember last week when I showed you the melting we were having? Remember how happy I was about that?   Well, we've had 2 days of snow so have from this:
Thursday of last week

To this:
Sunday afternoon
Yup, back in the white for us!  It's so high I can no longer throw the snow UP onto the snow bank and when I shovel off the deck, it no longer goes out and down to the ground, it just goes out!   So we have been cleaning the walks, and shovelling trails for the oil man and for Becke to get out. That is what we have been doing for the past few days. Sounds like fun doesn't it?  

When I was not outside shoveling, I was inside inside painting our living room. Here is one corner of the living room that is done. I love having a different color on one wall, in this case it's the fireplace wall. There is still more to do but I am happy with it. It looks so fresh and clean and this takes care of the "Spring Cleaning" the living room so when Spring is here I will be outside enjoying it and not in side cleaning.  

Ellie is hosting her 400 mile challenge, if you want to log on your miles there you can click on the button and go there, or you can post an encouraging note here.  I wonder how many miles shoveling/painting equals?  For my 400 mile Challenge this past week I logged on  a total of 40.8 miles. The breakdown is like this. Walk 5.59 miles, Stationary Bike 15.21 miles, Weights 11 miles, Aerobics (Step and Zumbia) 9 miles for a total of 341.23 miles. I'm not far from my goal, I see the end in sight!  Then what???

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. Oh that snow just sounds miserable. We're still covered but didn't add any this weekend for which I'm grateful! We are getting a lot of rain today so perhaps the ground will turn up later : )

  2. Oh my! The snow should be melting by now, not continuing to pile up! :-o

    We had major storms here last night ... it was pretty scary for a while, but thankfully no damage or power outages here.

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  3. I am sorry that you received more snow! We have had crazy weather... 3 inches of snow when we woke up on Friday and then early this morning there were severe thunderstorms and the tornado sirens were going off!

    Great job getting a jump start on your spring cleaning!

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry you have more snow! The painting looks wonderful though, I love that color and it does make me think of Spring for sure. :)

    Congratulations on another fantastic week with the challenge. 400 miles is right around the corner! :)

  5. Sorry I'm so late posting a comment, life's been super busy lately.

    You did great again! Then what? Just keep adding those miles! I'd love to see how many miles everyone has done at the end of the year.


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