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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Dishwasher is Running!

And the Washer is going round and round.  We have power. We got it last night and as you can image there is a lot to clean up and do.  We were out for 95 hours! Some people still are and there are still schools closed.  Nothing like have snow days in October!!
Thank you all for your care and love. It was very overwhelming!  I'll be back next week to fill you in on how to survive "Snowtober" as it is now being called.
One question before I leave.  If you were out of power for 95 hours, would you be ready?
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm SO glad your power has been restored!

    As far as being ready for a 95+ hour outage, we have a gas fireplace that should provide enough heat to keep us warm (if we close off the other rooms of the house). We'd have to rely on carry out/eating out, but I am sure that we could manage. We're certainly better prepared than we were 5 years ago when we were without power for a full week. ;-)

  2. Glad you got power - finally. I have a few NJ friends (who have told me via FB) that they are still without power. Good thing their priorities are straight and they use their computer battery power to send out a message! ha! Really, I feel for you all. I lived up there in the cold & snow for 12 years and don't miss it AT ALL.

  3. So glad your power is back.

    And would we be prepared for 95 hours without electric? Well we have gas so we'd be okay for hot water, but I don't think we'd have heat even though we have a gas furnace, I think it takes electric to run it. Fortunately we have friends and family close and I'm sure we'd work it out.

  4. So glad your power has been restored!! I have family in Connecticut and the last I heard they were still waiting on their power. I can't imagine the week you all have had. Take care and I hope you are able to get back to normal now after this crazy Snowtober!

  5. What a relief to hear your electricity is back. We've been through power outages living in Vermont, but nothing nearly as long as you've had to endure.

    We have a drafty gas fireplace here in NC which I doubt would be much help keeping us warm if our power failed. Thanks to your terrific blog post I've assembled an emergency kit for our new puppy. Don't know whether or not my husband's done the same yet for our kitten.

    Over the years I've assembled a pretty extensive first aid kit organized in a big tackle box with both pet and people items in it. But that's as far as our emergency readiness goes.

  6. Can hardly believe it took so long for your power to be back on! Would I be ready? I am not sure, you will have to tell us more on that. I want to say yes because we do have supplies but I would miss my hot shower and hair dryer!

  7. So glad your power is back up and running! I think I'd be about as ready as possible if the power was out for that long - I have propane heaters for emergency use and always stay stocked up on food - gas stove - yep, I could make it.

  8. I bet that was such a nice feeling when it came back on! We take it for granted until we lose it. I think we would be ready; we got the supplies, we could cook, got plenty of blankets. Yep, I think we could pull it off!


  9. So glad to see you're back! The weather post-snowstorm here has been so gorgeous. Except for all the downed trees of course : (

    Have a nice warm 'electric' weekend!


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