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Monday, November 7, 2011


Snow in October is not unusual but this much of the wet white stuff sure is. The trees still have leaves on them so when the added weight of snow was placed on top, it was too much for the poor things. They snapped. And with them came down the cable, internet, heat...everything electric including some cell phone towers making service spotty in some places.
We worked together to get the generator up and running and plugging things into it. We talked about how warm the pellet stove was keeping the house. 
We talked about things that has happened to us before and we slept a lot. We lit the kerosene lamps at dusk and blew them out at dawn. We ate well because we could still cook. We drove around to charge our cell phones and collect water to flush (we have a well and couldn't hook up the well to the generator). We had our evacuation supplies and were ready for the hours to pass. And they passed slowly. It was nice to see people checking in with each other. The roads were clear, just no one had power. The traffic lights were out, the small hardware stores were closed either because the store had no power or the people who own it had no power and several roads were closed and so they couldn't get to the store, and several gas stations were closed as well, making it hard to get gas for the generators.
Here are some more pictures of what we had to deal with.
Our Well Cover
Trees in the back yard
I'm glad it's over and that most of the snow is gone! But for those 95 hours, it was pretty hard- good thing Hubby and I enjoy each other's company.


  1. I heard there are still a few NJ homes without power and quite a few in CT. Unbelievable! We have a tree company coming today to do the big prune, removal and haul away of some big trees we lost. So sad. And expensive.

    It is gorgeous though so I'm going to pretend like we're still months away from more of the white stuff : )

  2. You did well with it, I do believe! Good thinking to drive around to charge up the cell phone batteries, probably to help pass time too! I would imagine the evenings would be the hardest, once it got dark, couldn't watch TV, be on the internet, maybe not much light to read by. Let's hope this is the only storm that does this to you guys this season! Glad to hear all is up and running!


  3. Glad you have your power back and I hate it that the trees were damaged. But I have to say, your pictures make it look so beautiful.

  4. Glad you had a generator. Those poor trees with the heavy wet snow. Smart idea to drive around to charge your phones. So glad your up and running.

  5. Nothing like getting a first-hand glimpse into how life used to be...way back when! It sounds like you two weathered the storm pretty well, but I know you were glad to get power again!

    Beautiful photos, by the way :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much snow you had. These pictures are beautiful, even if the situation was not. I hope things are back to normal now and you have a relaxing weekend ahead!


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