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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, I am just this NUTS!

I joined the NANWRIMO this year. It stands for National, Novel Writing Month 2011 and it starts today.  The object is to write 1700 words every day for the month of November. By the end of the month, you have written your first Novel.  OK so I'm not planning on writing a great novel. I may end up with a bunch of gibberish, but it will be great to learn the writing process and to see what others come up with. I joined the NH chapter and at the time there were just over 2000 people who had signed up all ready. 2000 people in one tiny state!! There are chapters all over the globe, with one goal in mind, to write.

If you ever wanted to challenge yourself for the short term, why not join in? You can write your journal and create a novel.  Did you adopt a child, write it down this month and by December 1st, you have your child's story as a novel for them.  Do you travel, wow do you have stories to tell, here is the place to put it down.  Have a great imagination and can come up with a story line, here is your chance to see if you can pull it together.  Want to turn your blog into a book? Here's one way to do it.

Beside, remember I did the 2400 mile challenge.  Why wait till 2012 to attack another challenge!! My goal is to see if I can still be somewhat sane on December 1st. I'll have to let you know about that - or maybe Hubby will let you know.  BTW He's doing the challenge as well.


  1. I don't think I would have that much to write about!

  2. I struggle with with finding something worth writing about on my blog. ;-) I can't wait to see how you do!

  3. You go girl! That's a lot of writing! Am I correct in assuming that you have power again??

  4. With cooking and keeping house, working a full time day job, instructing training classes at night, volunteering as a therapy dog handler, working at church, enjoying your husband's new retirement, doting on your grandchildren, and now preparing for a brand new puppy - I get tired just writing your schedule down.

    Clearly you have too much time on your hands which is why need to fill all your "free" time with writing your first novel in one month.

    Brava my insane friend! I will cheer you on, every word along the way!

  5. Good for you!! Good luck with it!! I did the challenge two years ago to blog every day in November, that was hard enough! Writing 1700 words daily would indeed be a challenge! I'm sure you'll do great! Hoping the power is back on and is staying on!


  6. Two of my daughters are doing NaNo this year, too. I think this is our third year... it's a wonderful way for them to get writing in, and funny, because they hate it when they have to write for school. :) I love NaNoWriMo!
    Good for you, signing up!


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