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Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Review: The End of November

Can you believe that November is almost over? Where did it go?  It was Halloween just a few days ago!!!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with loved ones. We had brunch with our daughter, son-in-law and the best grand daughters in the world. It was nice to see her take over that brunch. All we did was bring a fruit salad and show up on time (sort of). We brought the dogs and the grand daughters  played with them, took them for a walk and just had the most relaxing time.  Then it was home for a nap and then we cooked a small turkey breast and all the fixings for dinner (yes including stuffing and cranberry sauce). It was a great day and we had fun. Friday, as so many people went out for Black Friday, I stayed home and decorated the house. Well sort of decorated the house. We decided that since most of the floor looks like this....

...puppy toys scattered all over the floor. And since we have a 11 week old in the house trying to eat the furniture, and my left shoe all the time, we decided that we would not put up the big Christmas tree but instead just the little Christmas trees and anything that could be UP instead of all the snowmen that rest on the floors around here.

These are some of the Santa's behind the couch that he has not discovered yet so I feel they are safe.

A little Christmas cheer on the side board
And the microwave table got some Christmas cheer as well.
A bigger "small" tree on top of the table is still surrounded by the fall decorations that are coming down.  

We did go out on Saturday to shop but by then the madness was over. I just don't understand the madness around Black Friday. Really, people using pepper spray to get them farther up the line? Men getting shot after they  leave a store for whatever they bought?  Others getting stabbed?  That is not the Christmas Spirit at all people.  I heard of one store that was not set to open early but for some reason, people thought it was, so they got in line and when the store didn't open, the crowd broke in and looted the store. The meaning of Christmas is lost on some people I fear. I'm glad I stayed home.

Sunday, we enjoyed a great worship service followed by Hallmark Christmas movies, a nap, more decorating, chasing puppies, and a super small group worship in the evening. I feel like I am really ready for the coming week.  Are you ready?


  1. Cute picture! Having a puppy is much like having a toddler. :) I have to watch what and where I am putting things this year.

    I agree about Black Friday. Saving $50 is not worth my life or sanity!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Loving your decorations. We've had to do that before in the past, decorating so a puppy wouldn't tear it all up. But puppies are so worth it.

    Don't you just love Hallmark Christmas movies. We've already watched several of them this year.

    Have a great day.

  3. Your doggies are gorgeous!!!! I too have puppy toys all over my house, except my dogs are 4 and 11. Will they every grow up?
    I actually ventured out this year on Black Friday. I haven't done that since my youngest boy was born 23 years ago!!!

  4. The picture of Becke and August is precious! It does sound like you had a nice Thanksgiving; brunch sounded like a great thing to do to get together with your daughter and family! I'm with you about Black Friday; it is just so sad that people act like that for possessions they will not care about a month after Christmas. Possessions over people, just so sad!

    Good idea to downscale the decorations with the puppy in the house! All look good though!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I'm with you on Black Friday ... I went almost 40 years ago, back before it was anywhere close to being as crazy as it is now (it wasn't even called Black Friday), and I swore that I'd never do that again! And I haven't! Good idea to keep the puppy in mind when decorating ... save yourself a lot of aggravation and possibly a sick puppy, too. ;-)

  6. I love the decorations, your place looks great and just looking at the pics makes me feel in the Christmas spirit. :) I totally agree about Black Friday, I can't understand the appeal at all and I get so tired of the hype and craziness. Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving, and I agree, Halloween does seem like yesterday! I can't believe tomorrow is December.

  7. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving day. Love the doggie picture. You decorations look wonderful.


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