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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dreamy Davy Jones was the First Boy in my Bedroom

When I was teenager, I had posters of Davy all over my room. And I do mean ALL OVER MY ROOM. Ceiling, walls, doors, closet. I slept with magazines filled with him under my pillow. His pictures were on my book covers and I do remember having a lunch box with The Monkees on it.

My mother told me I could not put nails in the walls, and I was the obedient child, so instead I used glue to hold the hundreds of photos of the Monkees. I'm sure my mother did a lot of swearing in French when I moved out and the photos were still there!  I just couldn't take them down. (I think that was partly because the of all that glue!)

Now I did have photos of all 4 of them but Davy was clearly my favorite.  I cried when he was on TV. Not the sad kind of cry but the excited emotional teen girl crying as I imagined that Davy was singing just to me, through the TV.

I had all of the albums and would walk miles to the record store to buy whatever new 45 or album that was just released.
Even in winter.
In the snow.

I had one favorite song, that I played over and over again, until the 45 wore out and I would have to go buy another one. Yes, 45's wore out!

It was not "Day Dream Believer". It was "I wanna Be Free".  It spoke to my heart, my frame of mind, my life at the time.

I, along with millions of others, send my condolences to his wives and children.  He will be missed.
R.I.P. Davy


  1. That's my favorite song of his too...ahh, young girl angst. I also wrote about Davy today in my post. I feel like I can call him Davy : )

  2. I loved the Monkees (in no small part just to be different from my sister who loved the Beatles), and Mickey was my favorite.

  3. Yup, I was crazy for Davy too. Back in 1966 at the tender age of 13, I saw him in person from afar.

    Three of my friends and I rode the LIRR to Forest Hills tennis stadium for our first live concert. We sat in the nosebleed seats but could still make out the Monkees on stage. Along with every other girl, we screamed and cried our adoration of our musical dreamboats.

    I plastered my bedroom walls with pictures of Davy, Paul Revere and The Raiders, plus the Beatles. Nails were a no-no in my house too so I used scotch tape. It did the job and pulled off the paint too.

  4. Seems we are all from the same era! I too loved the Monkees, the TV show and the music. It was the first band that was "made for us'...and Davy was the perfect frontman. So cute, and a sweet singing voice...and his british accent. He made all the "little" girls swoon. I hope he had a good life after the Monkees success and pray his family finds peace in knowing he didn't suffer. RIP Davy.

  5. He was a dreamboat. It's so sad that he passed away and he was so young. I loved The Monkeys. ((HUGS))

  6. I loved the Monkees and Davy Jones. The episode from the Brady Bunch where he surprises Marsha is priceless!


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